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Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Walkthrough Palenque - Valley of the Jaguar

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You will have to jump on the jump-pads to proceed.

Try to use the directional keys to guide yourself in mid-air towards the pads.

Cross the rope bridge.

Some harpies will attack from a distance.

Take the jump-pad on the left.

From the first jump-pad land on the rock on the left.

Continue forward through the pads in front.

Try to land in front of the entrance to the next temple.

You will pick up the serious bomb. It's a very powerful single use explosion that can kill anything within a large radius around you. Use them wisely because they are rare to find.

The statue over the next door will be shooting fire. Try to avoid it.

When you go in the next cave area there will be a reptiloid at the very far side. Snipe it before you start to make your progress forward.

Use the jump-pads to reach the left side of the cave.

There you will find a block you have to activate.

The block will move one of the jump-pads on the far right towards the entrance platform.

Make your way back on the jump-pads.

Now use the jump-pad that has moved previously.

Walk over the blue fields to propell yourself forward.

Snipe the reptiloid before he can do more damage.

Reach the block on the right side of the cave to activate another pad.

When you press the block, a jump-pad will get closer to the cliff you are on.

Use the jump-pads to reach the entrance to the next temple on the right. Saving here can be useful because the jump can be tricky.

The next chamber holds the grenade launcher.

The corridor that leads to the outside will be swarmed with enemies. The perfect opportunity to try your new weapon. Holding the fire button will launch a grenade further away.

Go towards the pyramids in the distance.

A cutscene will show you the places you need to visit. You will have to collect two golden jaguars and place them on the pedestals at the central platform.

As you approach the central platform you will be attacked by many enemies.

Supplies are on top of the platform. Your destination is the pyramid in the middle of the valley but you cannot enter there now.

Look to your right. The first jaguar is in the pyramid on the right.

As you take the steps up more enemies will come from above.

Climb to the top of the pyramid.

Cross the rope-bridge.

The big chamber means trouble.

Enemies will start falling from the side walls.

The next corridor is being bombarded by a statue that fires lava.

On top of that, suiciders will try to rush you. You can use the lava bombs to kill the suiciders.

Shooting the statue on the wall that fires the lava bombs will stop the bombardment. Only a rocket can do this.

The large hall with pillars on the sides has a wall of moving darkness.

You will find a serious damage pick-up near one pillar.

When you pick up the damage booster your screen will be on fire to indicate that you have increased damage.

The jaguar you seek is in the last chamber. It's time to return to the outside platform and place the statuette on the pedestal.

A cutscene will show you that the platform is now guarded by a techno-demon.

Your way back won't be uneventful.

Kill the bulls that attack you in the misty chamber.

Go towards the platform but expect more trouble.

Snipe the demon from a distance.

Going near the pedestal will place the stattuete of the golden jaguar.

Now is time to visit the place on the left to find the second golden jaguar.

Your trip up the stairs will be chaotic.

Cross the wooden bridge.

Beware the bombers at the entrance to the temple.

The next chamber has spikes on each wall. You will be pulled towards the spikes. The only way reach the other door is to look only forward and tap your keys in the opposite direction of where you are being pulled.

The next room is dark but a path of light will guide you.

Pick up the golden jaguar. It's time to go back to the platform.

A cutscene will show you that the platfrom is guarded again.

The dark room will be illuminated and you will be attacked. Deal with your enemies and backtrack through the temple.

Beware that the room with spikes will still be operational. Just like before, look straight at the door and steer yourself away from the pulling.

Go back to the platfrom, but clear it out first.

When both jaguars are in their place you will be able to enter the pyramid in the center of the valley.

A cutscene will show you how a sunbeam destroys the door to the main pyramid.

Climb the pyramid and expect more enemies as usual.

Sam finds a crystal skull inside the pyramid.