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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Specter Knight

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You can shovel the areas that are mostly black, jump down with your shovel to save on time and avoid gold

Jump on his head to avoid taking damage, if you miss the first time avoid his charge when he gets up then start jumping on his head

Be careful in this area, defend yourself and wait for the lightning and memorize whats in front of you while you can see it

If you jump in the right time, you can hop over all of thier head and kill all of them without taking damage

If you jump up the platform goes up, wait for the skeleton to come near you, jump over him and then crush him between the platform and wall

Don't jump on the frogs head or else you will ping of in to the spikes

Yeay, more darkness, do the same as the last time

Guess what, you need to jump down the second to last hole

Probably the hardest boss in game, no seriously everyone else is easy

Avoid it when he throws his scythe at you, kill the ghouls when he spawns them and avoid him when he rushes you

And he will make it dark at one point, do more of the same