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Shovel Knight Walkthrough King Knight

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Wait for the lava to fall and make your way through the area

Be careful of the fireballs when going up, you can shovel the wall to the left to open it

To kill him you need to attack him while he is getting ready to swing at you, but there is no need to fight him, you can just avoid him

To get to the jewel you are gonna need to jump on the horses head just as its charging you

It is kinda obvious, but be careful, the lights fall

Don't really need to kill all of them if you are fast enough you can just run through this area

If you stand here the fireballs will not hit you, then attack him and move back here when he brings his claw up

Jump on the lights and wait for it to start falling to jump to the right where the jewels are

Jump on the book for it to open and spawn platforms

Be fast, the platforms fade away after some time

After you jump the last page hold up to climb the ladder

Boss fight time

Avoid the confeti and time it to fall on his head as he is dashing towards you