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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Tinker Knight

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It's easy to start off, but you will begin to hate this things

Stay near the begging to not get hit, then run past when there are none

If you get hit by any of the rockets, use the few second if invulnarbility to run past the spikes and on to the ladder to the left, or climb up and then fall back down

The entire platform will start moving, just don't fall behind

When the 2 knights fall, just hop on their heads untill you get to the end

This is the hardest part of the level, the floor will go up and you need to race it

When you get near the top of the screen wait for the bottom to get closer to you so you see where you will be going

I know I said all the bosses are easy, this one is probably the easiet one, he is gonna run around and throw wrenches, while he is running left and right just bounce on him, when he stops and starts trhowing them around himself just move back and wait for him to stop

Now the good part, its still rather easy, just jump on to the rockets and from them on to the drill and then bounce on his head, repeat the same 3 times, and while bouncing go to the left to avoid the small rocket that goes in that direction