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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Black Knight (2)

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Don't jump right away or else the fish will hit you

Be quick, near the end you can hop of off one the fishes

Jump to the first platform, kill the rats, and use a spell to kill the skeleton to make it easier

You really just need the last 2, wait near the middle and kill the rats one by one untill only the last 2 are left, then jump on them and of off them on to the platform

If you stand here the fireballs wont hit you and you can use a spell to kill him without puting yourself in to danger

Be patient here, when it starts going up again and you can see the 1st part, jump over

Move a bit by bit, don't try to rush it

At the end be quick and jump and dig the sand so you can hide down there

Jump on the first one and wait for it to start goind down, then jump on to the next one

You can dig through the completely black ones

Use a spell to kill the enemy with the fan, he is hard to kill if you come near because he can knock you off

Jump only on to the ones that have grass on top

Again the black knight, he has some new abbilites now, but they are easy to dodge