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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Treasure Knight

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Nothing too chalenging on this level, if you hit the the shells they'll bounce around and destroy stuff

Go to the left, destroy the blocks and hop on the circular area on the tenticles, then when you fall on the platform do the same on the next one, then from the platform get back and jump one the last one

After you are done with running away, you will need to jump and hit the light with your shovel

Smack it, smack it nice and well

Now its just being patient, move when you can't get hit

Go up the ladder, wait for the platforms to go past, then continue, then from that platform jump on the the one passing above you

Get on to the platform, and hit the walls to destroy them, then get back to the very front of the platform so you don't get pushed off...well, this one isn't that complicated, but...

I died a lot of times

Bossfight time

Avoid the anchor and jump on his head, that simple, when he smashes the ground jump just before he hits it

And fight back the chest pulling you in