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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Polar Knight

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You can mostly just run past this area

Jump on the snow to make it drop to be able to walk across the spikes

Get on the platform with the birds, jump up to make it go up, stay on it to make it go down, and hit it to push it

Jump up and destroy the snow

You're best of using the anchor to kill all 3 of them and move on easily

You could: a) Be careful and jump on the snow and avoid enemies, b) Use the trinket that lets you run around without taking damage and spamming it while you run as fast as you can

All I'm gonna say for this fight, green balls, just spam them insanely, its going to make your life easier, and when you jump on his head and he starts blocking, jump of before you fall on the shovel for the 2nd time or else he hits you