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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Mole Knight

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If you stay on the green area you will be able to bounce up and collect the gems

Move quickly and destroy the blocks to be able to jump back down

If you stand here, the fireballs should miss you and you will be able to attack him, and when he attacks with his sword jump on to it

When you fall down, be careful not to hit the exposive blocks, while you are falling hit attack so you don't fall with your shovel, after that get as close as you can and hit them, then run before they dissaper

Jump up and hit the 2 areas that explode to continue and be careful to not hit the one you are standing on

Hit the green blob over to the lava then bounce of it

This is bit more complicated, you are gonna need to hit the green blob over to the lava to get near and attack him, or try and just run past him but lose some HP

Destroy the sand then bounce of the bug to get it started and wait on the edge for it

Boss time

Bounce on him as he is flying past you

And be careful of the lava that starts falling