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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Propeller Knight

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When you get to the last platform stay on it and wait for it to drop a bit then jump to the ladder

Use fireballs here to clear the enemies with the fanns so they don't push you off

Run between the large cannon balls, then jump of the small ones to the top of the cannon

You are going to be so thankful for having the involnurbility trinket

Jump up just before it hits the floor so you don't get stunned, then jump on top of the ship

The trinket will also be very good to use here

Remember to hold up when you get to the end, if you go too fast you might not see the ladder

Here its just timing and patients

And here, well, I wouldn't have finshed it without the trinket, use it just as the wind takes you up in to the spikes and then glide down the next area

Hop over the cannon balls to the last checkpoint

Jump on his head and avoid his dashes, avoid the halls from the canons balls, and when he blows you off of his head be careful when going down not to fall on his sword