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Shovel Knight Walkthrough Everyone

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Not a lot of explaining to do here, just keep going down

Be careful here, try to avoid killing them by jumping on them because you might destroy some of the floor, you could also use the trinkter and run past them

The platform works just like before, and if you hit an enemy with it you will kill them

Just a bit of timeing here, when you jump on the second blue one jump up again and to the left so you stay on the edge then just jump again to the to the oragne one

Guess what, time to race the floor again, its mostly easy

At this point you will need to be accurate, brake the one in the middle then jump and destroy the one above to be able to jump there

After that jump up, the path you should take is kinda obvious

Guess what

It's party, time to fight every boss, again, without brakes, one by one, they dont get special powers, they are same and even a bit weaker actually

After you are done with everyone, you can help them up or leave them there