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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Casino Street Act 2: Road of Cards

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There are no extra benefits to playing with these dice.

Use the spring or panels to reach the top ledge.

Prepare to earn several lives and rings in this level. The level is pretty much straightforward for the most part so I'm just going to list the most important stuff for the rest of this level. These cards for example are all throughout the level and if you can match three rings or three Sonics, you earn 10 rings or an extra life. Robotniks won't count towards any bonuses. If you let a card icon linger too long, it will be lost.

See this card, it will flip over if you stand on it so jump off of it quickly.

Use this booster to get several cards down the road.

Hit this stack of cards three times.

Doing so will take you on a magic carpet err... card ride.

Drop down to the area where there is a booster but watch out for the Bubbles.

Like the dice, the cards here offer no bonus.

Don't let these barrels crush you or it is instant death.

Make sure all Batbots are out of the way before proceeding.

Hit the flipper when the cards are vertical to get through them.

Careful not to fall or you will drop to your death. Pay attention to the patterns of how these cards flip by themselves.

Take the high road when possible. The flippers will knock you back into possible danger.

The Crawl will bounce you back if you don't pay attention.

Time your jump to where all the cards become flat then run across quickly before they flip over.

Jump at the end or near the end because there is a small wall that will stop you and possibly drop you to your death. The exit is straight ahead.