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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Splash Hill Zone Act 3: Sunset Dash

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In this level you will be riding on several ziplines.

The normal path will take you for a loop and when you reach...

this booster. Ignore it and jump on the platform to the left.

It will eventually lead to a shield which will protect you from damage for 1 hit.

Defeat the Bubbles gang and ride down the zipline.

At the end is a Booster that will take you upwards. From there you want to climb to the highest point possible.

Where you can ride another zipline across the gap.

Just past these spikes, drop down to the bottom and an...

Invincibility monitor will be waiting for you.

Climb back up and you can choose to ride the zipline down or defeat the Bubbles gang.

The path will lead to a Sneakers powerup.

Run down the slope to the low road.

Defeat some bubbles...

then ride the zipline.

Don't overshoot the spring or you will land on the spikes.

Ride one more zipline then...

Defeat these Bubbles.

After one more zipline and this set of Bubbles, the exit is to the right.