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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Casino Street Act 3: Casino Climax

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You will become familiar with the cannons from Carnival Night Zone in Sonic 3. You can aim the cannon where you want it to go and blast off to different places.

Continuation from the previous shot.

Shoot upward and hang left to get the 10-ring.

Continuation from the previous shot.

Aim the cannon along the arrows and fire.

Home in on the spring to clear the pit of spikes and bounce up.

Aim the cannon at the coins and it will guide you to the right path.

Hop over the two bumpers and go through a series of springs.

Continuation from the previous shot

Continuation from the previous shot.

Use the pressure spring to go for a ride.

Use the homing attack on the 10-ring to get ahead.

Spring Yard Zone revisited. Wait till you see the cylinders line up then move on to the next one that rises.

Use the cannon to break through the blocks here.

Instead of going up, go left past the Crawl.

You will be going up a series of flippers.

When going up the flippers, watch out for the spring on the upper left as it will mess your ascent up.

You want to land on this moving platform, jump to the right into a cannon.

Shoot upward and aim right for 2 10-rings then you can shoot left to move on.

Go through a series of boosts.

When along the boosts, stop short so you can get the 1-up. If you didn't stop short, you would hit the triangular bumper.

Use the lower boost to move on.

Jump down through the triangular bumpers to land in a cannon.

Shoot out of this cannon to destroy those blocks.

Hit the lamppost before proceeding.

Aim the cannon in this position and shoot up to get to the top and go along the upside down curve.

Ignore the correct path for now and drop down for a 1-up and go back around.

At the end of the curve there are two bumpers that will make getting to the next part hard. Bounce of the left bumper then bounce onto the right bumper quickly but you can make it easier if close to the monitor.

When within range, you can use the homing attack on the monitor to clear the tricky gap.

Kill the Batbot before proceeding to the left and do it before you get crushed.

This cannon will lead to a platform with two cannons.

These are the two cannons.

Jump into the left cannon and shoot to the upper left to another cannon then shoot to the right.

It is kind of easy to miss this cannon so time a homing attack to get inside the cannon.

Shoot up through the bumpers and aim left to get to the next cannon.

If you shoot straight up you can get a shield. The correct path is to the right.

Blast out of the cannon here and through the blocks and hit the lamppost.

Aim at the rings here and you will launch to around the final stretch of the level.

Be sure to time this jump carefully because the bumpers will bounce you back and potentially to your death.