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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 1: Ancient Maze of Mystery

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This zone as a whole is sort of a mix of Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 and a little bit of Sandopolis from Sonic & Knuckles. There is also a Hydrocity Zone Act 2 reference from Sonic 3 in one of the acts.

You won't drown if you duck in the water you can safely stand in. At the start you will deal with some sneaky Burrobots. Use a spin dash to knock em' all out.

Stay away from those pokers. They will be more dangerous in the water where physics will work against you.

Let these balls fall before jumping across the gap. Some of the gaps are death pits.

Hit the lamppost and bounce off a series of springs.

Use the Bubbles to get on the top ledge easier but...

Beware of the red ones. When their spikes are out, they will hurt you if you attack them so wait for them to retract before going after them.

This is an Orbinaut. The red ones will throw their spikes at you one by one until it is "bald". You can attack it in a spot that is not protected.

Run for it, man. Those two boulders are coming for you.

Get this Shield before going up.

The green Orbinauts will expand their spikes out this time around instead of keeping them close to their body. Attack them when you see an opening.

Get to the top and use the booster.

Push this ball and jump on it to ride by holding the opposite direction it is moving.

Careful not to fall.

Before going on the set of springs, get this Invincibility item then proceed as usual.

Climb your way to the top.

Watch out for the medicine balls before making these jumps.

Get ready to run because the medicine ball is gonna give chase.

Duck in this pocket to avoid the medicine ball and let it pass.

Take this upper road for a shortcut.

At the end of this ride, use the booster.

You will go through three medicine ball rides upward.

Watch out for the Bubbles near the end of this ride.

Spin Dash through these Burrobots.

The final Medicine ball ride will be a long one.

During the ride, the track will break. Hold on nice and tight and the end of the level is ahead.