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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 2: World of Darkness

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This is the level where most will get a time out death for the first time but that is later on in the level. Here you see that the level is pitch black except for a fire torch lighting the way for you.

Here you want to spin dash the Burrobots because they are sneakier in the dark.

See this pod here, you want to light that up with your torch so you can brighten up the place.

Now you can get better visuals of where you are going. This is the first zone where you are eligible to become Super Sonic if you managed to get all seven emeralds in one shot. With Super Sonic, his golden aura will automatically light up the area completely.

However, I want to be thorough so you won't see any Super Sonic footage. Even with him, the torch is still necessary to light up pods to activate some platforms such as this one needed to reach the spring.

You'll go up a few boosts here and there.

but the main focus of the level is lighting those fuses to blow away blocks that are in your path. Don't get hit by the explosions though.

Jump and light this pod to make this platform form underneath you for you to land on.

Light this fuse and stay away from the explosion.

When you are riding in a minecart, the exclamation point reminds you to jump but it's not needed here. Just stay put.

When you crash (like you are supposed to), you will be launched to the next segment of the zone.

Those Burrobots are trying to gang up on you. Keep revving up your Spin Dash and kill them by letting them touch you.

Along the way you'll be launched through several pods to light up.

Defeat this Bubbles and get on the platform.

Get this Shield for protection in case it's necessary.

Light these two pods for a lift up.

These buttons are necessary to clear away blocking surfaces and sometime create surfaces. Also remember to the light the fuse to the left.

The button revealed a floor for you to reach the next fuse.

This is the part that will time out most players. The trick here is to light the first one, then the fourth one, then the third. Use those platforms to make it through. Lighting the second one will block you in.

As you can see, when the first pod runs out, it's walls will retract first and unblock you.

Boost through these Burrobots to deal with them faster.

Light this torch to make two platforms appear.

Run along the upside down curve to reach this fuse and gangway.

The fuse you want to light is this top one.

Light this fuse and time your jump to avoid the blast.

Time for another minecart ride.

Remember to jump when you see these signs or you will plunge to your death.

After two rides, you will finish this level.