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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Mad Gear Zone Act 1: Dr. Eggman's Secret Base

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This zone as whole is reminiscent of Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2 with a little bit of Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3 and Scrap Brain Zone from Sonic 1.

Ride up this platform and hit the spring.

The steam will give you a boost to higher places.

Defeat the Bubbles gang.

Then get on the conveyors and get the Invincibility item.

Meet Slicer, a praying mantis enemy from Sonic 2 that throws its arms at you that are hard to dodge.

Run straight down the wall instead of jumping off somewhere.

You know when the steam will shoot when you see the red circle start to form and when it turns completely red it will blast out.

Meet Shellcracker, a crab enemy from Sonic 2 that uses its claw to try to catch you slipping. At least it gives you a split second to dodge or attack in this game.

Don't let the steam push you into the spikes above.

These transporters take you to different places of the zone.

Meet Asteron, a star enemy from Sonic 2, when you are close, it will shoot its bullets in five directions and ends up killing itself.

Use these Bubbles for leverage to get to this press. Don't end up under it or you will be crushed to death.

When you get to this part, don't take the high road but first, stand on the middle of the press or you'll be spiked.

Drop down below after the first press and...

watch out for the Asteron's spikes.

Make your way to the teleporter.

Carefully attack these Slicers. When they rear back, you have the opportunity to attack them.

The steam blasts you every which way.

You can run straight through these blocks.

Use the Bubbles to get to the higher spots faster.

Hit the Shellcraker when you get to the top.

Wait for this press to come down then jump on then jump to the right.

Jump onto the middle steam to get to the top.

Wait for the red Bubbles to retract it spikes before you attack them all.

This is a tricky spot. Try to stand at the very edge without getting crushed because this is a long stretch of presses here. The best advice is to rev up a Spin Dash and launched into the downed first press so you can be on the edge safely then...

rev up your Sonic Spin Dash and you will clear this set of presses safely.