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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Mad Gear Zone Act 2: Escape the Cog Trap

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Jump up these gears to move upward.

Step on this button...

to make this platform appear.

Get this Shield and enter the teleporter.

Bounce of the triangular bumpers to get to the top.

Run in the opposite direction to make this cog move.

At the end, bounce of the bumpers to go up.

At the top, get the Invincibility.

Go to the right and up more bumpers.

Ride the cog into the other one to raise the wall.

Ride up the pltaform to get on the cog then...

get the Invincibility and kill anyone in your path.

Ride the cog to the next one. The Asterons can't hurt you.

Jump over the cog and go to the right.

Along the way, you will be boosted to higher grounds.

If you ride this cog fast enough you can avoid the Slicers' attacks.

This will raise the wall at the end.

Get these items then kill the Shellcracker.

Bounce off of this spring.

You can ride down this gear to open this wall but you actually want to drop to the bottom.

Both paths will lead to the same way anyway but just go to the bottom.

Enter the teleporter to go to the next spot.

Spin through these presses because they move too fast.

Hit this button...

platforms will appear. Get to the top and get the 10-rings if you want them.

Hit this button at the top to make the platforms reappear.

Jump through the broken floor.

It will raise the wall but you must be fast to reach and get through it.

Ride this cog to the end.

Jump on this platform to reach the top one to continue getting past the wall.

Boost along the surfaces then...

Use Homing Attacks for leverage...

then drop down at the end.

Ride the cog to the next area.

Get away from the Slicer then spring to the top.

Get the 1-up and boost your way to the end.