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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Mad Gear Zone Act 3: Impending Doom

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Get a boost from the steam.

The subtitle to the stage is Impending Doom and aptly named becase there is a big grinding wall coming at you. Get a move on. MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

Some presses will start closing in on you as well trying to crush you or trap you.

Don't get steamed into the spikes above.

This booster will help you get away faster.

When you reach this teleporter, the wall will stop moving for now.

Start moving upwards

continuation from previous shot.

When you get to this spot, move the tilts to move your way down.

Use the steam for the boost up and soon the wall will come at you again.

Jump up the conveyor belts.

Hit the button to raise the wall and move off to the right again.

Just got past the double presses safely.

Once again the wall stops moving when you reach the teleporter.

Get the shield and take out the Slicer.

Ride the cog to the right.

Take out the slicer and careful get past the two presses.

Go up the yellow bumpers.

The steam won't do any harm here.

The wall is already coming but it slows down severely allow you time to negotiate through these tilts but be wary of the spikes.

Speed up the wall and get the Invincibility icon.

The end is almost near.

Step on the switch to raise the wall and hit the booster.

It will take you on a fast ride.

The wall slows down again to allow you to negotiate this tilt area again and away from the spikes.

You will get another helpful boost and it is a must because the walls will close in faster.