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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough E. G. G. Station Zone: Final Showdown in Space

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This zone is a remake of the Death Egg Zone from Sonic 2 and you go up against all four bosses from before with twists added to them. This first boss from Splash Hill Zone now have platforms that move up and down during the battle. He falls in four hits.

Rematch with Casino Street Zone boss.

Spikes now pop up and down randomly in the lower middle of the screen so stay on your toes. Four hits will win it.

Rematch with Lost Labyrinth Zone boss.

You skip straight to phase two of the battle. Not much change except for the visuals. Four hits and you move on.

Rematch with Mad Gear Zone boss. You go straight to phase 2.

Ocassionally, Eggman will throw spike balls this time around. Once again, four hits and that is that.

Sonic gives chase to Eggman.

Eggman: I have you now, Sonic.

It's a rematch from Sonic 2 final boss. Get in some hits until Eggman's robot blasts off.

Keep an eye on the crosshair as Eggman tries to crush you when it stops moving.

Stand far away from Eggman after he lands and he will throw his arm a long distance and retract it then do the same to the other arm before taking off again. The pattern repeats from there.

Whenever in his first phase, watch out when he raises his arms. He is trying to hurt any would be agressive attackers.

After several hits, the robot starts to have a breakdown and go haywire.

Watch out for Eggman's robot as it skips forward.

Dash under it then get to the far side as it skips back then the robot will take off.

Avoid the arm it shoots up. It will curve upward then...

it will fall down slowly. You can wait for it to land then attack it twice or hit it from the side as it descends and it will topple the robot over.

Get in several hits while it's toppled before it takes off again. Repeat the pattern until it takes off and...

this time the crosshairs go haywire.

Don't try to get to far away from the landing because...

Eggman's robot will land awkwardly.

Finish it off before the whole floor collapses or you will die. Congrats.

You beat the game. You control Sonic during the end sequence as you try to collect the rings. There are three possible end poses. Fail to collect all rings result in Sonic doing his Sonic 1 game clear pose. Collecting all rings but not all emeralds makes him do his Sonic 2 and 3 fist pump pose. Getting all rings and emeralds will make him turn into Super Sonic and pose.