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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Lost Labyrinth Zone Act 3: Underwater Maze Escape

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Sonic 1 Labyrinth Zone Act 3 revisited. As you can see these waterslides will take you all over the place later on.

Beware of Jaws. Yes that is its name.

Get the shield and get rid of the green Orbinaut when safe. Don't forget to get the bubble.

Ride the loose blocks to the bottom.

When you go several moments without air, there will be a countdown starting from 5. When it reaches 0, you have a split second to get an air bubble before you drown and die.

Get a boost up the hill.

Tilt the screen back and forth until you are able to shake loose the block on the lower right and blast you out of the cove.

These waterslides will take you to a new spot.

Hit the lamppost and get ready for a Hydrocity Zone Act 2 nostalgia because...

Here comes the wall of death. Get a move on and don't stop for anything that can get you killed.

Whew! You just made it.

Get the invicibility and make your way down the bottom.

There is another Invincibility item you can get while still in the original invincible form.

Step on this switch to remove the wall.

Spring to the top and...

land on the platform and jump to the upper left.

The switch to remove the wall is underneath this 10-ring so get the 10 rings and step on the switch.

Bounce off the springs and make your way to the top.

Tilt this screen like before but be wary of the spikes. You can tilt the screen back without making the loose block come back so you can move the screen as you like till the block is free.

The waterslides will loop forever until you jump off in a timely matter on both sides.

This is the right side switch.

The left side switch is located under the 10-ring.

Once both switches are hit, go down the right and ignore the first surface and jump for the second and move on to the end of the level.