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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Casino Street Zone Act 1: Neon City Adrift In The Night

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This Zone as a whole is a combination of Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2 and Carnival Zone from Sonic 3 with a dash of Spring Yard Zone from Sonic 1. For starters use these boosters at the beginning.

Like before, the stage functions almost like a pinball machine with bumpers and flippers.

Use the first flippers to reach the Shield Powerup for protection.

Continuation from the previous shot.

Hit these panels three times and they will disappear.

Jump over this barrel looking thing or it will push you back.

This enemy called Crawl can't be hit with a frontal attack or be killed by being jumped on. You can however use it for leverage to reach higher places such as this flipper to the upper left.

Kill the Batbot at the top and jump to the far right. Use the spring there and jump on the moving platform to reach this spring.

Use the flipper to bounce off the top triangular bumper and get on the platform and jump over the same bumper to hit the lamppost. Defeat the Batbot early so it won't be more of an annoyance.

Get past these triangle bumpers and go up the path.

You will eventually go down a series of springs.

Once you get to the top drop down to the right. You will have a chance to earn some rings by playing the "slot machine." You can loose rings by getting 3 Eggmans or getting two Jackpots and an Eggman. The best roll is 3 Jackpots.

You want to drop down to the bottommost point as possible and hit the booster to zoom threw the lamppost.

The zoom leads to an Invincibility and you can defeat the Batbots you come across.

To use these springs, hold the Jump button to make the spring retract then let go to spring ahead.

At this point drop to the bottom.

Continuation from the previous shot.

Wait for the cylinder to go all the way to the right and jump over it through the gap as it comes back.

Go through two series of pressure springs and you will be boosted to the road of the level's end.