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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Splash Hill Zone Act 1: The Adventure Begins

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This zone as a whole is inspired by Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone with a hint of Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2. At the very start of the game is a throwback to the start of Sonic 1 with the same layout placement with a few changes. When up in the air, use th

The Choppers can be real sneaky. Carefully approach the bridge and use a homing attack on both of them.

Use the spring to bounce through a series of more springs and it will take you to...

this platform here and use the boost to get...

these coins here.

While still airborne use your Homing Dash on all of the Bubbles (name of the blue enemies) and reach the next platform and use the spring.

As you can see, the Newtons hide in the walls and since the wall is solid, they cannot be attacked.

Touch these lamp posts to create a checkpoint. Should you die, you will start from these spots instead of the beginning of the level.

Using the Homing Dash on these Bubbles lead to a Sneaker Power Up.

The Sneaker Power Up allows Sonic to run faster for a short period of time.

You can use Homing Attacks on some rocks to reveal springs that will boost you to higher platforms.

If you ignore the spring you can get these 2 10-ring boxes.

If you go down this tunnel, you can break through some walls...

and land next to this booster that takes you up to next to a Newton.

Don't get caught offguard by the Newton's bullet and run to the right quickly and hit the booster. Further on you will see some Buzzbombs to the left of the spring at the end but the coins and killing them are optional.

The normal path will take you to the end of the level.

If you have 50 or more rings at the end of an act, then a giant ring that you can jump into and go to the Special Stage.