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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Walkthrough Splash Hill Zone Act 2: High Speed Athletics

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You will meet the vines for the first time.

This vine leads to the higher path.

Break the rock to reveal the spring.

The spring will lead to rings but watch out for the Buzzbomber.

Running down the corkscrew path just like in Emerald Zone of Sonic 2.

Time to do some swinging.

Take the two vines to reach the top of the slope.

Hit the lamp post and hit the spring.

Fall down through this pit and...

you will land by two monitors. The one on the left is an Invincibility Power Up. This will render you invincible for a few seconds.

Spring back up to the higher road at the end of the corkscrew.

This Newton you can actually defeat . The Newtons not in the wall will give chase.

You will be boosted to a low path and reach a vine.

Take this vine to reach the booster and you will reach another vine.

Beware of the Newton here as you swing to the right.

You will soon reach this spring.

At the end of this corkscrew path you can choose to take the high road or low road.

Take the low road here to another vine swing and do a low swing to...

Defeat the Bubbles and hit the spring to go upwards.

Use these vines to swing your way to the top.

You can ignore this Buzzbomber if you want. The end of the level is off to the right.