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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Walkthrough Ellsworth Penitentary

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Rip down this poster to reveal a tunnel that Sam has been digging. Approach the tunnel to crawl through.

Climb this pipe, jump to the ledge to your right, then hoist yourself into the vent seen upper-right.

Emerge to find rioting prisoners below. Head left and walk across the air vents toward the red light ahead.

Break the vent and enter to trigger a checkpoint.

Open this trap door in the floor.

Quietly drop through and avoid this guard. Use the computer to learn the access code 1403. (If you choose to grab the guard, you can interrogate him for the same information.)

The code works on a door downstairs, an elevator nearby, and on this weapons locker to your right. Inside are three smoke grenades.

Exit through this door by either picking or breaking the lock. A light switch is on the wall to your left.

Two paths present themselves. Downstairs, which is the stealthier route, and straight ahead, which requires knocking out guards.

I'll start by showing you the route ahead. You must have knocked out a guard to use this route. Carry the guard's body so that his uniform unlocks the proximity switch on the door ahead.

Take out the two guards on the other side of the door, then follow the catwalk.

The catwalk branches here. The left path leads to stairs going up; the path ahead leads to stairs going down.

The direct route is to the left, but you'll have to deal with this guard patrolling the stairs. Your smoke grenades help to get behind him for an easier take-down.

Carry the guard's body to unlock the door, set the checkpoint and complete the objective of reaching the central tower without alerts.

The alternate checkpoint is reached by following the stairs to the left we saw earlier. This is the stealthier route.

Two unlocked doors lead to this keypad. Enter the code 1403.

Carefully access this computer to disable the metal detector. A guard patrols the area.

Lure the guard away from this door then pick or break the lock.

You're now in chaos central. This area is also reached by descending the stairs we saw earlier. (That's them at the far end of the room in this shot.) The alternate checkpoint is reached through a doorway to the left of the stairs.

Making a run straight for the door is not advised. Instead, keep right and hug the wall to go all the way around the room, pass the stairs and then exit through the door.

Keep right to activate the alternate checkpoint and complete the objective. Carefully ascend the stairs ahead then keep right to hide behind the benches and unlock a door on the right.

Shadow this guard up the stairs.

The second level up has a riot shotgun (non-lethal) and ammo.

Regardless of the path you followed, this is where you complete the objective. Use the computer to unlock all the cell doors and cause a riot. This will raise your standing with JBA but lower it with NSA.

You've now got to get to the roof. The brute force approach is to head onto the catwalk outside and blast past the guards with your riot shotgun.

You can then climb this pipe...

...then climb over this railing before ascending the ladder seen on the right.

You'll then exit through this broken window to climb the pipe ahead.

The less-brutish approach is to simply climb the stairs.

You'll arrive at this elevator where you can enter the code 1403.

Ride the elevator up then head left to exit through the same broken window. Climb the pipe and swing left to this ledge, then hoist yourself up.

Scurry across this beam and continue through the broken glass ahead. Move quickly, this part of the mission is timed.

You'll see Jamie being taken away by a guard. You can shoot the guard with your riot shotgun if time is tight, or just get close to them and Jamie will take out the guard with a karate-chop.

A news helicopter is flying overhead. You are supposed to use the chopper to help Jamie escape.

This part of the mission is really stupid, as you don't do anything directly to help Jamie get the chopper. You really just need to get to a certain position on the map. Begin down these stairs.

Rush into that alley.

Enter this door.

Head left and climb this ladder.

Once on the roof, the mission is over.