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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Walkthrough JBA HQ (Part 1)

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Along the way you'll meet JBA drill sergeant, Moss.

After some introductory pleasantries, you'll follow Moss to the training course entrance and your first checkpoint.

Enter the course then pause here to observe the patterns of the laser beams. Duck under the first, then scurry past when the rows of beams ahead turn off.

Around the next bend is this locked door. Pick the lock to proceed. (To pick the lock, move the left stick in a circle until one of the pins moves. Then, keep pressing the stick in that direction until the pin lifts away and the lock moves on to the next pin.) Alternately, look behind you for a pipe which can be climbed to carry you across the doorway and over the upcoming laser obstacle.

More lasers. Again, advance as the beams briefly switch off.

Around the bend you have a choice to climb up or drop below. I prefer to climb up because the light is better. If you drop below, walk to the other side of the corridor then mantle back up.

The upper path is slightly less straightforward but it's easer to see. Carefully step across the narrow ledge seen here.

Rappel below then enter the opening.

Turn right and squeeze through this tight space.

Find this rope around the corner and climb it.

Rappel down the other side, careful to time your descent so as not to trip the sliding lasers. Don't worry if you do trip them, however; you can return past the tight squeeze to find a newly-opened gate which will put you just past this challenge.

Your next test is this hurdle. Climb over the first section, then drop below to continue under the second section. Time your movements so that you don't trip the lasers. This is easily done by dropping below while the lower laser is behind you, not ahead.

Around the next bend are these hurdles which are even easier. Just lie low while the laser moves overhead.

Now you're home free. The safe is around the final corner. Turn the left stick until the tumblers catch, triggering the next tumbler to turn. When the notch reaches the top position it will click into place and turn green. Turn the left stick in the opposite direction and repeat.

After the safe is open, exit through this door. Climb the ladder at the end of the hall and open the ceiling hatch.

The secondary JBA objective of practicing at the firing range is accessed through the door on the right. Since we're trying to beat the clock, though, it's a safer bet to take the left door which leads to the NSA primary objective of bugging the roof antennae. We'll be back.

Keep left and continue down this corridor.

Take the first right then pass the infirmary/Enrica's office. Note the screen-tearing around Sam's arm. This was a frequent visual glitch, unforgivable on a console.

Climb this ladder.

Wait for the workmen to finish their conversation and turn toward the fan. The immediate goal is to reach the tunnel to their right.

You won't be able to crouch until you reach this position. It is important to crouch or else the workmen will hear your footsteps.

Enter the tunnel, then climb this ladder to the roof.

As you emerge from the hatch, a guard will be directly in front of you, turned away. The antenna can be seen behind Sam, upper-left.

Turn right, then right again. Shadow the guard to the gate ahead/left.

Once through the gate, keep right then find this panel on the far side of the antenna. Pick the lock and pierce the cable to complete the objective.

Wait for the patrol to move on, then exit back through the gate and open this trap. Timing is important here; you want the patrol to be blocked from view when you open the trap. Descend the ladder and return to the area with the workmen.

Climb down the ladder your climbed up before, then descend the stairs seen upper-left. We're heading for the server room, the destination for the next NSA primary objective.

Once downstairs go straight, then follow the hallway right to this area. Hug the shadows on the left as you advance.

Switch off the lights to provide cover while you hack the keypad on the right. If you prefer not to hack, the code for this keypad can be found on the computer in Enrica's office, 6278.

Climb onto the crate ahead/right so you can reach the pipe on the ceiling.

Climbing the pipe allows you to get above the camera. Wait here for Jamie to come through the doorway and complain to his subordinates. Once he's moved away, drop below and enter the doorway, careful to avoid being spotted by the camera.

Switching off this light switch to the right of the door will assist in completing the NSA secondary objective of getting Stanley Dayton's professional background info.

Timing is important here. It is wise to save before advancing up these stairs directly across from the door you just entered. Slip through the floor trap on the left.

Follow the crawlspace right then find another trap door here. Climb up and out, quietly.

That's the server on the right; ignore it for now if you wish to complete the secondary objective.

Stanley gets up from this workstation to turn the lights back on. While it's still dark, quickly search this file cabinet to complete the secondary objective of obtaining his professional info.

Backtrack past the server and hide in this corner while Stanley returns. Your left bumper activates a radar map that is helpful for watching his position.

Hack the server and upload the trojan once Stanley is back at his desk.

Exit the way you came, with Stanley none-the-wiser that anything has happened.

As you exit the door under the camera, quickly swing right then sit tight so you can wait for the camera to point away before returning to the stairs.

Now to complete the NSA secondary objective of obtaining the five medical files. Return upstairs to the infirmary.

Approach Enrica and she'll talk to you briefly before entering her office.

Once Enrica has locked herself in the office, approach quietly. When you are a few feet from the locked door, you'll be able to crouch. Pick the lock and enter.

While Enrica hums at her desk, search this cabinet to obtain all five files.

The nearby computer can be hacked to learn the server room keypad code, 6278.

Time for the firing range secondary objective. Turn left after exiting the infirmary then turn right to return to the firing range door.

Use the sniper rifle to begin the exercise.

You are awarded one, three, or five points for hitting the target, with bulls eye's scoring the most points. I found it easiest to focus on the middle row and avoid chasing targets. Hold your left trigger to steady the site on the bar then fire when the target is beneath your reticule.

You'll need to score 75 points without reloading to earn the objective.

Next, head down the stairs to the rendezvous point for Moss and wait for him to return. He should show when there's less than two minutes left on your timer.

Follow Moss as he leads you to your final objective of the level.

The news helicopter pilot is being held captive, and you are being asked to execute him.

Kill him and please the JBA, or miss and please the NSA, the choice is yours. (I chose to miss.)

Emile explains little about the upcoming mission in the level's ending cutscene.