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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Walkthrough Cozumel

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Find some sticky shockers here before heading out to the balcony.

Hop over the railing and shimmy to the right.

Climb up the pipe-like beam to the deck above, then shimmy along to the balcony on the right.

Wait for the guards to leave the balcony then climb over the railing and enter the casino.

Pause here until Enrica hacks the slot machines, drawing the guards' attention.

Scurry to the shadow along the left wall.

Cut through the car display, heading for the opening straight ahead.

Find darkness along the right wall. Your immediate destination is the cashier area ahead.

Disable the camera with your SC Pistol's alternate fire.

Sonic grenades are in the safe and the computer has emails concerning a cracked aquarium and a broken stairwell light. If you notice the guards talking about hearing the sound of money, get out -- they're on their way to crack the safe themselves. In fact, I recommend you skip these diversions entirely.

Instead, head right for this vent to complete the NSA primary objective. The panel on the right can be used to temporarily disable the casino lighting, and will attract the guards to this location.

Exit the cashier and hide here while the guards investigate the blackout. The doors under the casino sign are your exit.

Pick the lock and exit while the guards gather in the cashier room.

Sneak upstairs while the technician's back is turned.

Quietly exit through this door at the top of the stairs.

To the left is an alternate balcony route, but it's very touchy if you are trying to avoid the guards. The stealthier approach is here on the right. Wait for these guards to finish admiring the aquarium and walk away.

Scurry in front of the aquarium then duck into this U-shaped bar. The laptop has some background emails, including one about the aquarium crack. This is a hint that the aquarium can be smashed for a diversion.

I'll be showing you a quieter route. Exit the bar area after this guard has moved away.

Another aquarium, more admiring guards. Head left around the bandstand while their backs are turned.

Zap this security camera with your SC Pistol's secondary fire. Head around the counter to the right, where you'll find another vent to drop a smoke grenade in case you missed it earlier.

At the end of the hallway are these doors. Wait for the guards to finish their conversation, then move away from the doors before they pass through. Once the guards have left, call the elevator and step inside for the next checkpoint.

Pull yourself through the ceiling trap before the guard arrives. Drop below once he's moved on.

Head left and duck behind the stacked deck chairs.

Enrica activates the fountains to provide you with some cover. This initially attracts the guards, so wait until they move away before slipping into the pool.

Swim forward, then press "B" to drop beneath the surface. Swim to the other side of the pool, towards the left.

Surface here, exit the pool, then ascend the stairs ahead.

Hide here by (or inside of) these lockers until the guard has his back to you.

Shadow him, being careful to hide behind the table on the left when he turns around briefly. Duck through this door on the left, under a camera.

Switch off the lights in the left hallway.

Take the hallway on the right then slip into the steam room while the guards investigate.

Scurry through the currently-empty steam room to the back wall.

Climb onto this platform.

Pull yourself up, break the vent, and climb through. (A nearby pipe may also be climbed to reach this position, but with the place empty this is the most straightforward approach.)

Wait for this officer to leave his quarters before exiting the vent. You can interrogate him to learn the navigation room code 2112 if you prefer.

The code can also be found by searching this cabinet to the left. If you enter the door seen beside the cabinet you'll also find the code on a laptop, along with some background emails.

Behind these shelves you'll find the officer has fallen asleep. The laptop on the left also has the code 2112. There's 5.7mm ammo on the shelf near the officer, and smoke grenades are through the door visible on the right.

Exit through here with the code 2112.

Quietly descend the stairs, turn right, then hide here while the officers talk. Afterwards, they'll head upstairs, leaving a single officer behind.

The door visible straight ahead is where you'll exit. Sneak to the right wall while the officer's back is turned.

Squeeze behind these cabinets.

You won't be able to see the officer at all, so rely upon your radar to make your move when he walks to the back of the bridge.

Freedom! Hurry out the door before he makes his rounds back to the front of the bridge.

Grab the zip line and ride it across to the forward deck.

Hide while the officer and the guard talk. Head below once they split up and are in these positions, with the officer at the crane and the guard heading behind the building.

Pick the lock on the door and enter. Close the door behind yourself.

Plant the bomb here to complete the JBA objective, then hack the bomb frequency to complete the NSA objective.

Wait for the guard to be headed away before exiting. The laptop to the left contains some background emails.

Scurry right to this console and pick the lock then use the computer to lower the platform.

Dive off to end the mission.