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Super Metroid Walkthrough 100% Item Locations

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1) I've left out the main items (suits, beams, etc.) since those are all covered in the main guide. This chapter is divided by item types, then by areas. So, for instance, this is the first energy tank in the first area, Crateria.

2) Up and left from the ship.

3) The rightmost room in the blue area of Brinstar.

4) Power bomb the floor after entering the left side of Brinstar.

5) Right side of the large pink room in Brinstar.

6) Hidden beneath Charge Beam.

7) In Kraid's lair. The door only opens after you kill him.

8) Go to the far right side of the Wrecked Ship, past the room with falling spike platforms, then go up and shoot through the ceiling.

9) Just after killing Botwoon in Maridia.

10) Through a fake wall in Maridia: enter Maridia at door above the broken tube, then jump to the ledge on your right and go in that door. In the next room the fake wall is directly right from you, after jumping over a pillar.

11) On the way to High Jump, just after entering Norfair.

12) Right side of Crocomire's room.

13) Up and right from the save point on the way toward Ridley.

14) After beating up Ridley.

1) The first reserve tank is found through the first door on your right after entering Brinstar on the left side.

2) Go toward Gravity Suit in the Wrecked Ship, then go right after the statue walks you past the spikes. Power bomb the statue holding a missile pack, then shinespark up the right side of the room.

3) In Norfair, through the top left door in Bubble Mountain. There's a hole in the left wall.

4) In Maridia, head toward Botwoon. There is a large room in which you normally would grapple or wall-jump up to the top left to progress toward the mini-boss. Instead, shoot the floor in the bottom right and fall through the left quicksand pit.

1) There are 46 missile packs in total, and for the most part, all the truly well-hidden items are missile upgrades. This one, however, is in a conspicuous room directly left from the Crateria Map Station.

2) Beneath the old Mother Brain tank, after falling down the long vertical room that you had to climb back up at the beginning of the game.

3) and 4) Up and left from the ship, found past energy tank #2. Jump onto the exact middle of these four crumbling blocks to get both missile packs at once.

5) On the way toward Wrecked Ship; right from the non-wrecked ship.

6) Bottom left of the wide watery room on the way to Wrecked Ship. After getting Gravity Suit, let yourself fall, then run left and shoot the wall.

7) Upper left of the open Crateria room you exit out to from the top left of Wrecked Ship.

8) Down and left from the #8 missile, in the same room--shoot the super missile block in the floor.

9) This is the first missile pack you get in the game, but it's actually in Brinstar, the second area. It's to the right of Morphing Ball.

10) Up and right from the previous missile.

11) and 12) In the room with missile #10, power bomb the large blue rectangle and go up through the revealed passage. This is a great hiding spot since the second missile won't show up on the map.

13) First room on your right after taking the elevator down to the left side of Brinstar.

14) and 15) Are under the pipe and behind the reserve tank, to the right of the room containing missile #11. This missile already feels like a secret, so it's especially sneaky to put another one right behind it.

16) Grapple across the middle region of the large pink room.

17) Bottom left of large pink room.

18) Left from the large pink room is this diagonal green hallway. There is a pipe on one of the right walls that you can enter to find this missile.

19) In the red region of Brinstar. Behind the first power bomb pack, revealed by using a power bomb.

20) Use a power bomb at this spot in Kraid's lair.

21) Bomb a wall on the left side of the Wrecked Ship after you enter. It's better to do this before beating Phantoon, unlike this screenshot. Fun fact: this was the only item I never found on my own.

22) Top right room in the Wrecked Ship.

23) Go toward Gravity Suit, then go right after the statue walks you past the spikes.

24) In Norfair, on the way out after getting High Jump.

25) Go toward Ice Beam, power bomb the floor, and go left into the room with all the crumbling platforms.

26) Through the top right door in Norfair. At the bottom of the second room.

27) Bottom right of Bubble Mountain.

28) Top left of Bubble Mountain.

29) Shoot the wall and continue left from the room with the previous missile, then shoot this platform on the way to the reserve tank.

30) Just outside the room containing Speed Booster. This was probably placed here strategically to make sure you would be able to open the pink door. It would be annoying to have to go all the way back to refill ammo.

31) On the way to Wave Beam.

32) Through the door on the right side of the tunnel you fall down on the way toward Grapple Beam.

33) Top right of the room immediately before Grapple Beam.

34) At top left of the room entered through the bottom of the Norfair entrance. You'll have to go around from the room above Crocomire to get it, though.

35) In Lower Norfair, in the Golden Torizo room. Don't step on the floor. The floor is lava, if you will.

36) Just before entering the large room that fills up with lava, shoot up and go through the ceiling instead. In the next room, lay a power bomb and find the small hole in the left wall. There's one non-crumbling block to stand on.

37) On the way out of Lower Norfair, along the path to the right and upward from Ridley's section.

38) Further along the Lower Norfair exit path, one room to the left of the previous missile's location. There's one bombable block in the bottom left section of the room.

39) In the first room of Maridia above the glass tube. Use the room on your right to charge a shinespark and release it while standing on top of a noticeable plant on the floor.

40) In the same room as energy tank #10. A tricky spot since you can't possibly use X-Ray Scope on this tile.

41) From the big annoying Grapple Beam room, go right, then up, then run right through a fake wall.

42) From the previous missile, go up and left, continue left through another fake wall, and find a pit with a jumping manta ray thing (Choot). It's guarding these two items.

43) From the big annoying Grapple Beam room, go right, then down. Shinespark up near the right side of the room to get here.

44) In the same room as the previous missile, shoot the bottom right floor, then fall through the left quicksand pit. To get to this point you have to jump off a crumbling block and enter a ball-sized tunnel, so Spring Ball actually does help here.

45) This one is down the right quicksand pit instead.

46) Right side of the room just before Draygon.

1) The only super missile in Crateria. In the vertical room you fall down at the beginning of the game, bomb the wall at the bottom right platform and enter the orange door. Freeze the Boyons to make enough room to run, then shinespark up the right side of the room.

2) The first super missile in the game. Your reward for beating Spore Spawn.

3) Through the first door on your right at the left Brinstar entrance. You need Speed Booster or the ability to mockball (see the Tricks and Glitches chapter) to get through.

4) Power bomb the floor after entering Brinstar on the left side and continue down and left. Watch out for the invisible gap in the floor.

5) In Wrecked Ship, through the bottom left door in the central room.

6) Directly right from the previous super missile, through a bombable spot in the wall.

7) In Golden Torizo's, uh, house.

8) In the first room of Maridia above the glass tube entrance. But you have to enter through the right, in a hole in the left wall of the big annoying Grapple Beam room.

9) In the same spot as missile #42.

10) In the same spot as missile #43.

1) Upper right side of the room with the ship.

2) The first power bomb in the game. At the top right of the red area of Brinstar, through a hole in the floor.

3) From the previous power bomb, go up and left through a green door. Power bomb the metal grating and fall through this surprisingly placid Samus Eater.

4) Through the bottom area of the left Brinstar entrance. At the top right of the room where the Etecoons teach you about wall-jumping.

5) Just left of Morphing Ball.

6) In the large pink room in Brinstar, in a hole in the wall just past missile #16.

7) Upper left door in the room just after Crocomire.

8) Through a bombable wall in the section just before Ridley. In the room with two imposing-looking statues and power bombable blocks inbetween them.

9) Along the path to exit Lower Norfair. It's actually just up and right from the dark room with the energy tank and all the Fire Fleas, but you have to go around to get it. Left through the fake wall, up, right, then lay a power bomb and continue right.

10) From the big annoying Grapple Beam room in Maridia, go through the top right door, then down and right, then fall down the right quicksand pit at the bottom of the next large room.