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Super Metroid Walkthrough 7b. X-Ray Scope to Phantoon

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Start here if you skipped the item farming section. Because who needs all that ammo and health? You sure don't. You're an intrepid galactic warrior with a heart of steel. And you're not afraid to freeze space turtles and jump on top of them.

Return to the room of spikes and flowers. Believe it or not, those plants are canonically named "Samus Eaters."

Take the elevator. You'll end up in...

This room.

Grapple across and--well, okay, it would be kind of dumb to skip this missile. Those decrepit grapple blocks will break and drop you shortly after you attach to them. The real mystery is what makes them reform afterward.

This room is pretty straightforward. Just try not to fall. Moving around underwater in this game is quite tedious.

Welcome to the Wrecked Ship. That first door is a save point, but you can't use it until the power gets turned on. And there's only one way to do that...

Shoot the floor here and continue downward, then right.

Ah, Phantoon. The unfriendly ghost. There are a lot of ways to do this fight, but this strategy is the best choice for our purposes. First, unequip ice beam in the pause menu. Phantoon is only vulnerable when it opens its eye. Don't ever hit it with a super missile, unless you want it to start spiralling flames across the whole screen.

Blue flames will periodically spawn. Shoot them to collect item drops. If you spin jump with your beam charged, you'll pass through the flames without taking damage. You'll also want to hold a beam charge often to be ready to shoot Phantoon when it opens its eye. Three shots will make it disappear; repeat until the ghost...dies?

Somehow, exorcising Phantoon has restored power to the Wrecked Ship. Go left to find a map station before heading back up.

The left door and this passageway both lead to super missiles.

Secret secret secret.

NOW you can save.

Go up.