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Super Metroid Walkthrough 5. Ice Beam to Grapple Beam

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Go left to get back to here, freeze the flying space turtles (Rippers), and climb all the way up to the top.

This room is too scary. Just turn off the game and walk away.

Go down through the floor, enter the super missile door, and freeze some more creatures to get...

Power Bombs! These open orange doors and basically blow up the whole screen. One of their main uses is exploration, since they also break the same blocks as regular bombs. Using one tends to reveal any hidden items onscreen. Speaking of which, use one right now to acquire even more missiles.

Save point.

This room is left and up from the save point. Power bomb the bottom left part of the floor and fall through the flower to get five more power bombs. Ideally, draw the Sidehoppers into the blast as well.

Don't get mad, but the way to go now is...back to Norfair. Yeah, I know, this is getting repetitive. But we're almost ready to continue with the rest of the game. I promise. (Go left, fall all the way down, then go right until you reach the elevator.)

Run, don't walk, into the top left door in the first room of Norfair, and stop at this point. Continue downward until you find a ramp, then run like the wind.

You'll come out here. Above you is a save point, and below you is...

Crocomire is an interesting mini-boss in that he doesn't have HP. Instead, he steps backward when you shoot his open mouth, and the goal is to push him into a pool of lava. He only has two moves: walking forward, and shooting item-dropping orbs out of his mouth. Your charged beam is a better choice than missiles right now.

Save point. Then go left and down. As usual, don't be afraid to fall blindly into the abyss.

This room contains more missiles, but you really don't need any more at this point. There will be several more to pick up along the way. Still, your call.

This room sometimes stumps people on their first playthrough. Lay a power bomb to get rid of all the debris, go to the far right side, then run and jump over the ramp at full speed. You should end up on a ledge at the top left part of the room.

Grapple Beam! This allows you to swing around on those blocks with a + symbol. With both power bombs and Grapple Beam, the game is really starting to open up.