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Super Metroid Walkthrough 2. Bomb Torizo to Spore Spawn

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Bombs will destroy these blocks. Might as well save at the ship again, too.

Go left and down to get back to this place, then open the left blue door.

More bombable blocks. These lead to another missile pack.

Blow up this very conspicuous wall. Embarrassingly, it took me a while to figure this out as a kid. Even the mini-map is telling you where to go.

+100 HP!

That pink door is going to stay closed for a long time.

This elevator leads to a different section of Brinstar.

Take the left path to access the Brinstar Map Station, and the right to get more missiles. The right room has more stuff too, but we'll have to come back for it later.

Another save point through here.

Take the right door and bomb the pink wall inside.

Go up. Green pipes like this one will infinitely respawn weak enemies, so they're good for refilling your HP and weapons.

Use missiles to take care of these Sidehoppers.

Explode this wall to find another save point. Be sure to use it even if you just saved two rooms ago, then continue right.

Meet Spore Spawn, another mini-boss. It will swing around rhythmically and occasionally open to let you shoot missiles at it. It can't hit you if you're in ball form either where I'm standing or anywhere on the bottom of the room (unless it happens to open right on top of you). The spores drop health and missiles.

Once it rots, jump onto it and continue upward. Fall down a fake green pipe to find...

Super Missiles! They open green (and pink) doors and are exactly 3 times as powerful as regular missiles. They're even super-effective against certain bosses.