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Super Metroid Walkthrough 1. Beginning to Bomb Torizo

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Welcome to Super Metroid. It's widely considered to be one of the best 2D video games ever made, if not one of the best games period. Can't say I disagree.

Savour the introductory cutscene, 'cause it's pretty much the only plot exposition you're going to get. Super Metroid's story is told mainly through the player's actions, and this cutscene is the only time anyone speaks in the entire game.

Ceres Station is the laboratory you see in the title screen. It holds the last surviving metroid, and Samus has been called here by a distress signal. Try all the buttons and get familiar with the game's physics, then continue on through the linear hallways.

This is Ridley, a space pirate/dragon-thing. Just let him hit you with his tail until your HP drops below 30 and he flies away. You could also shoot him many times to make him leave, but the only difference is that you get to see him almost drop "The Baby."

Run back to the elevator before everything explodes. Watch out for the steam shooting out from these platforms; if you get hit once, wait a second before jumping up again.

Super Metroid is a relatively non-linear game. This walkthrough will guide you through the natural route while making sure you're well-equipped to deal with everything it will throw at you. To be honest, you probably shouldn't follow this guide to the letter. Take your time and go exploring every now and then. The final two chapters will reveal all the item locations and explain some of the game's most interesting tricks and glitches.

Samus follows Ridley to planet Zebes, the setting of the first Metroid game. Despite what I just said, your only option right now is to go left. Shoot the blue door to open it.

Continue left to this point, then fall down.

Go to the bottom of this room and enter the blue door in the floor. Fall some more.

Take this elevator down to Brinstar. (You've been in Crateria up till now.)

Head left to find your first power-up: Morphing Ball. It lets you press down while crouching to miraculously contort yourself into a tiny ball. (But you still can't crawl.)

Shoot this block then morph to roll through the narrow passage.

Go right to get here, then shoot out the floor and fall through the gap.

Missiles! Five of these will open a pink door. The thing holding them is called a Chozo Statue.

Oh, look. A pink door.

More missiles!

Take this elevator back up.

The space pirates have been alerted to your presence. SPARE NO ONE.

Climb alllll the way back up. You don't have to kill things here, but it's a good idea to anyway.

Crateria's Map Station is through this pink door. The full map is nice to have even if you're already using a brilliantly written internet walkthrough.

This room has a save point, but since you're so close, it's probably better to go back to your ship. The ship refills all health and ammo as well as letting you save. It's upward and to the right.

Either way, you have to go here next.

You can now lay several bombs at a time while in ball form. But you don't have time to test them out now...

There are two tricks to fighting the Torizo Statue: 1. Staying in ball form allows you to safely roll under its legs, and 2. Shooting its gooey yellow spit will replenish your health and missiles.