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Super Metroid Walkthrough 3. Spore Spawn to Kraid

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You're now in the bottom part of that room where I told you to "Go up." This time...go down.

Yet another missile pack. Bomb those irregular blocks on the ground to get Charge Beam. (It lets you charge your beam.)

This hidden pipe in the next room gives you...okay, Samus, don't you think you have enough missiles by now? How many missiles does one person need?

This is a blue gate. It's pretty self-explanatory; gates work the same way as doors of the same colour.

If you haven't already, now's the time to figure out which is the "Run" button. Continue downward in the next room.

Shoot out the floor here. Don't shoot that 2x2 block on the right. Just don't.

Left is a health recharge room, right is...everything else. Beware the underwater grabby claw monsters. They are called Yapping Maws. Seriously.

Take this elevator down to the deepest region of Zebes: Norfair.

Enter the pink door in the bottom left of the Norfair entrance and pick up this energy tank. Continue through this room to get Hi-Jump Boots, then use them to jump up the left side. The door you came through will only re-open once you kill that little red Sova.

Go back up to Brinstar. Most of Norfair is boiling hot and Samus really can't handle that right now.

Go left until you get back to this annoying room. Shoot up at the different-looking block to reveal a secret passageway. There's a morphing ball path with a block in the way, but you should shoot the block rather than bomb it.

Spazer Beam! Now that you've drastically increased your firepower, return to the elevator above Norfair.

Break open this wall with super missiles to reveal an intimidating doorway. Jump up to it with the aid of your shiny new boots.

Shoot the floor, blow up the wall. Samus is so destructive.

This passage underneath the right side of the room leads to a save point.

Shoot the cracked floor.

Watch out for this guy. Touching his body hurts much more than the spikes he's shooting.

Go up for a missile and health recharge station, then continue across. Shoot the eye door (Gadora) with 3 missiles or 1 super missile.

Meet Kraid, the game's first real boss. Shoot his eyes with anything (ideally, uncharged beam shots) to make him open his mouth. This is stupid of him, because that's his only weak spot. Shoot him with missiles, super missiles or charged beam shots.

After a few clean hits, he'll stand up to reveal the full extent of his girth. Jump onto the platforms to continue shooting stuff at him. He'll walk back and forth, but the farthest left platform is always a safe spot. Periodically shoot the floating claws to collect their drops.

Your reward for beating Kraid is Varia Suit (a mistranslation of "Barrier Suit"). Unlike Samus's regular outfit, it can withstand very high temperatures. You probably already know where this will come in handy...