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Super Metroid Walkthrough 6. Grapple Beam to X-Ray Scope

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So, this is how Grapple Beam works. Go the top of the room, swing across, then repeat the process in the next few rooms to end up on top of a familiar ledge.

Back in this room by the most recent save point, grapple onto this guy to get the power bombs in the top left section.

You may now grapple across Crocomire's lair to receive another energy tank.

Go right until you can't anymore, grapple across another room, then go up.

From here, head right and on through the familiar rising lava room.

Enter this door, jump across some moving platforms, and collect the missile tank (it would be ridiculous to avoid this one).

Grapple across here to get...

Wave Beam! Increased power and the ability to shoot through walls.

Cross this gap, too. Look how much use this thing is getting already.

Shoot/bomb the floor to make this pole rise out of the lava, then open this hole in the wall.

2-for-1. The left thing is a Reserve Tank--it's basically the same as an energy tank, except that its energy is stored separately and activates automatically when you reach 0 health. These can also be used manually from the pause menu.

Lay a power bomb here because it's faster than going through those pipes again. Go left, save, then exit Norfair. We won't be coming back here until near the end of the game.

You saved recently, right? Open this door with a power bomb then grapple through the room to get...

X-Ray Scope! It reveals every secret Super Metroid took such delicate care to hide. Items, breakable blocks and secret passageways yield before its mighty carcinogenic light. It's not actually necessary to complete the game, but it certainly helps.