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Super Metroid Walkthrough 8. Phantoon to Maridia Entrance

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Kill everything in this room to open both doors (I suggest laying a power bomb immediately). Right is a missile pack, left is the rest of the game.

Suddenly, you're back outside. Find this spot on the ground near the left wall.

Grapple across the spiky room, then fill the empty space in the statue's hands.

Right is a missile and a reserve tank, left is your next upgrade.

Demolish this statue, then shinespark up the right wall. Watch out for the trick floor in front of the reserve tank.

Gravity Suit! The name is a bit misleading--all this really lets you do is move normally underwater. Oh, and lava no longer hurts you (but acid still does).

The next main area is Maridia. The game expects you to head right from the Wrecked Ship, but we're going to take a shortcut.

Fall out into the water, then go up and left to get back to...

This room. Go down.

Look, it's your favourite place! Fall all the way back down once more, use the health recharge station at the bottom left, then stop at the glass tube you've run through so many times.

Surprise! You can break the glass with a power bomb. Welcome to Maridia, the underwater zone. If you're wondering why we didn't destroy this tube earlier, try turning off Gravity Suit for a while.

Below you is this save point.