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Super Metroid Walkthrough 11. Ridley to End of the Game

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Head all the way back up to the save point. Enter the dark room again, but go upward this time.

This is an evil fake wall. Even the X-Ray Scope won't reveal it.

Go left from here to progress. There are missiles to the right, and power bombs through a metallic maze behind them.

You'll eventually come out in this familiar section of Upper Norfair. Go left to re-enter Bubble Mountain, then fall down the left side and lay a power bomb. Continue left, then exit Norfair entirely.

Go back into Maridia at the broken glass tube, then jump up to this ledge and go right. The door in the ceiling of the next room leads to that wide area you had to grapple across. Remember that door that I said leads out of Maridia? We're going that way now. Space jump.

There's a hole in the left wall. This leads out to the red area of Brinstar again, but this time you just want to take the elevator up to Crateria immediately. Go to your ship, save, and head left toward the last region of Zebes.

Remember this pink door, from the beginning of the game?

One statue for every primary boss. A strange spirit will fly out of each of them (there's one at the top of the screen). You could have come here after beating each boss, but only now that you've defeated all four can you gain access to Tourian.

These are REAL metroids. They're vulnerable to ice and not much else. Freeze them, then use regular or super missiles to kill each one (super missiles are more valuable since you'll be able to refill missiles soon). If one grabs you, use three power bombs to kill it, or go back through the nearest door.



A gigantic metroid attacks you, but mysteriously leaves you with 1 HP.

Open the pink door with missiles, then enter the blue one to recharge.

You don't necessarily want to use this save point. This is already past the point of no return, and if you missed any items, saving here will mean they are lost to you forever. Plus, you saved at the ship, which isn't all that far back.

These are Zebetites. Shoot them with missiles or super missiles. These little things are the main reason you got all those missiles, and even if you skipped a few, you should still have more than enough. If you happen to miss too many shots, you can always go back to the refill station; the Zebetites don't come back.

Mother Brain? But I thought you were dead! Break her tank with missiles, then shoot her head with super missiles. The tank breaks after a set number of hits, so it's better to use the weaker weapon. Freeze the Rinkas so they won't get in your way.

Oh, so she was really a robot dinosaur chicken all along. The strategy for this fight is to shoot charged beam shots at her while standing in this corner. Aim upward and jump to avoid her attacks. Eventually she'll start shooting a stronger red beam, but it's easier to dodge.

This attack is unavoidable and deals exactly 300 damage with the suits you have equipped. If you survive it, the hard part's over.

At the last second, the huge metroid flies in to save your life. Yes, if you haven't guessed it yet, this is The Baby that imprinted on Samus when she found it on the metroid homeworld. It heals you and guards you from Mother Brain's attacks. But...

She kills it. As it falls toward Samus, the rainbow beam power it sucked up from Mother Brain gets transferred over to her suit. Your beam is at maximum power, so go ahead and show Mother Brain exactly how you feel about her.

Not again!

Don't worry, you actually have lots of time. Shortcut: run along the floor here then shinespark up the right side.

Go across the top of this room, then fall down the middle. Now head straight upward toward the door at the middle right.

Run through the door and spam beam shots. You'll come out near the beginning of the game. You can shinespak up the right wall here, too, as long as you're standing as far right as possible.

You win! Congratulations on beating a video game.