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As I exit the elevator a cyborg assassin is waiting for me. I hypnotize him as I listen to Shodan's instructions. I go for the security station and pick the maintenance tool next to the cyborg. Next to the security station is a dead body on which I find 49 nanites and a med kit. As I head for the only unlocked door, I spot both a camera and another dead body (inset). I search it to find a speed booster hypo and 12 armor piercing bullets.

As I leave the room and go around the bend, I spot a spider and hear another one close by. The Many spits out more propaganda as I wrestle with these two nasties.

I turn left and find a dead body with a pistol in good shape and 12 standard bullets. I find 7 cyber modules in the trashcan and a log from McKay is on the floor.

I get a quick recharge while on my way toward the Tram. When I arrive, both a spider and a protocol droid appear nearby and attack me. On the bodies I find some grenades, 20 nanites and a crystal shard. Wasn't there supposed to be just two of these? Anyway, one of the replicators already has some goodies in its chute: 12 anti-personnel bullets and some chips and booze. I find 3 more cyber modules in the trashcan. One man's trash is another's treasure, right?

I get in the Tram and on this first stop I'm really glad I hacked the security station again before embarking. I hack the two turrets and pick the log from Delacroix to my right. I hear the disturbing sound of eggs nearby and it probably is a bug, but both trashcans have no cyber modules in them! I take the elevator up.

Upstairs I find two eggs and harvest a healing gland from each. As I look out toward the tram, I spot a psi booster hypo on the other side. In the next room I find a dead body with 4 cyber modules and a security crate I hack open to find a laser pistol in good condition. I get back on the tram as the spider noises creep me out!

On the next stop a spider is waiting for me. I pick up a log from Prefontaine, someone we'll get to know much better as the game progresses. Move over Cortez, this is my new buddy!

I'm taken by surprise while trying to exit to the officer's area. I receive a message from Delacroix asking me to help and a spider comes out of nowhere and attacks, followed by a protocol droid! I run toward the bulkhead, but I take the time to pick up the 6 cyber modules hidden behind... whatever these things are (1).

There's a neat cutscene you can't do anything about when you arrive and you finally learn that Rebecca and Tommy, our two love birds, are still alive. How cute. And they're chased by a rumbler too! When the door finally opens I tiptoe my way in as I hear a camera to my right and see another one upstairs to my left. To my right I get 20 nanites from a trashcan. The body in the water has a broken assault rifle, 6 standard and 12 armor piercing bullets.

To the left next to the security station, I get 20 nanites from the dead body and 5 cyber modules are on the counter. There's a replicator nearby and another crystal shard near the body! There's also a droid moving about and I hear spiders and cyborgs upstairs.

As I get upstairs I find the cyborg in question and using the sheer power of my gaze (and my psi amp) I stun him in place. The log to my left is from Suarez. I head past the helpless cyborg into the officer's quarters.

The next room is the one I spotted when I entered this area. The camera is above my head in this picture, and to my left is a dead body with 21 nanites and 6 grenades. A rapier is next to the body, as is a pile of disgusting worms and a log from Norris. Entering the corridor I find another dead body with 26 nanites and a log from Norris, again. As I search the body a spider jumps me and I cook it to perfection with a couple of fireballs.

As I head toward the officer area, I grab 20 prisms in the corner. This is a screenful, let's see. To my left is a log from Norris, the dead body has a few grenades, to the right behind the chair are 17 nanites, the security crate near the almost-hidden droid has 6 incendiary grenades plus 47 nanites while the normal crate to the right has 20. If you crave for more from Norris, check for another log next to a potted plant to the left (inset).

If you are the type of player that must see death come to all creatures, here is a nice way to get rid of this type of droid without firing a single offensive shot. By putting a psi wall between the droid and yourself and luring him close to the wall, the droid will start firing and will actually hurt itself to the point where he will die. Neat, huh?

Exploring the bathrooms to the left I found a maintenance tool in the men's one and 8 cyber modules on the levitating dead body in the women's. The droid upstairs can be dealt with in several different ways, you can try and avoid them, use your psi abilities on them and you can even shoot them from this floor through openings in the ceiling.

I climb upstairs using the ladders next to the camera. I'll explore the room in clockwise order starting to my left. Beware, as these rooms are all trapped with eggs, worms and whatnot. In the first room I find 41 nanites, a med kit, a surgical unit key and a large beaker. Room 2 has 6 cyber modules, some grenades, 34 nanites and a healing gland. Room 3 has two healing glands, 6 prisms, a stasis field generator and a psi booster hypo. Room 4 has a med hypo, an anti-toxin hypo, 34 nanites and several grenades. A log from Myers also rewards you with 20 cyber modules! In the center offices I find some grenades and 20 prisms.

I enter the secured office using the code from Myers and find a high-security crate I hack using an Ice-pick for some grenades, two beakers, a medkit and 41 nanites. The dead body has some more grenades and in the desk are 23 nanites and a shuttle bar access card. An EMP Rifle is to my left, out of view. I hit the security station and get back down.

I head toward the shuttle bays and pause next to this dead body to admire the plasma, or whatever it is on the other side of this wall. I pick some grenades from the dead body and go around the bend.

A cyborg is patrolling and I was able to hypnotize him before he even saw me. Note the camera and the lower level to the right. As I move past the cyborg, I hear a droid coming this way. I deal with him using the wall technique and another cyborg pops up behind me. Damn traps...

On the lower level I find a dead body with two maintenance tools and a security station. I hear eggs too. I turn around and spot 6 cyber modules. While the water seems to be steaming hot, it's perfectly safe.

As I go to grab the cyber modules, I see a room below. Mommy, is this a trap? The dead body has some grenades and 37 nanites. From the eggs I get two healing glands and a psi organ. I climb back up and head toward the escape pods. On my way I find 23 nanites on one of the bodies.

Entering the escape pod area a spider and cyborg attack me as I hear Tommy call out to Rebecca. In the far right pod bay I find some shells and a French-Epstein device on the ground. 7 cyber modules are hidden behind the left bench (inset). The dead body nearby has 31 nanites. A door is behind me and I'll get to it later. I now head to the escape pod on the other end of the area.

As the escape pod leaves, presumably with Tommy and Rebecca on-board, I grab a maintenance tool and the access card to the bridge from the floor. I like to think Rebecca or Tommy left it there for me to find.

I head back to the door I previously went by and enter to find a broken passageway. I look down and psi pull a neat 50 nanites! I jump across to the other door.

On the right is a turret I hack and a camera is on watch to the far end of the corridor. I pass this dead body, walking slowly. In the next area I hack the security station and take a lift up.

Padding myself on the back for hacking the security station (I swear on the head of my third mother-in-law I didn't go up there, get killed and reload before), I hack the turret and head through the window.

The dead body here has 6 rifled shells and I hear a cyborg in the far room, so I decide to head through the room to my left first. On the other side are two more doors and a replicator I hack for a dozen psi hypos. I also get a version 3 repair software I'll probably never ever use. In one of the offices I find a log from Korenchkin. The other has a heavy armor, a large beaker and 57 nanites.

In the conference room I hypnotize the cyborg and look around to find a modification version 2 software on the floor plus a log from our friend Diego and a med hypo.

I head back down two levels and use the access card to access the bridge elevator and Shodan rewards me with 20 cyber modules. Upstairs is a maintenance droid patrolling and an EMP rifle is hidden behind the lift's controls.

After persuading the droid to deactivate, I head toward the bridge. I hypnotize the cyborg and head down to the control stations to my right (1) to grab a hidden auto-repair unit (inset). I have to be careful as a rocket launching turret is on the command deck (2).

As I run past the cyborg and turret, a camera spots me. I have no choice but to shoot it. I go up using the gravshaft.

Another turret is barely visible to my left (1) and a cyborg is in the room to the right. I decide to take a chance and race into the room.

I find the cyborg facing the other way, so I quickly hypnotize it and go on the other side of the room. I see a security station I could hack if I had remote hacking, which I don't. In the desk I find 20 nanites and on the table is a modification version 2 software plus an ICE pick.

I decide to deal with the turret the good ol' fashion way and I destroy it with Cryo blasts. I grab the med kit and anti-toxin hypo from the body. On the other body are 6 armor piercing bullets and in the high-security crate I find an anti-radiation hypo, 82 nanites and an unresearched implant. Don't forget to break the glass (1) and take the ops override access card. Shodan congratulates you on your superior insect-like abilities and gives you 20 cyber modules. I hack the security station and head back down.

Next to the now disabled turret I find 8 cyber modules and 12 armor piercing bullets.

I go back downstairs and head toward the exit. I then take the tram back to the entrance (inset). Along the way a recharge does a body good and also helps to deal with spiders, cyborgs and droids. I then get back on the main elevator, then head to the ops level.

On ops I exit the hub through bulkhead 43 (1) and make my way to the ops override computer (2). I activate it and Shodan tells me to get in engineering... With so much backtracking I better equip my SwiftBoost implant.

Once on deck 1, head for the core. Once you get there you need to enter the code 94834 to access the computer (inset). Once you do Shodan tells you to get back on the command deck. I put my running shoes back on and head there.

Back on the command deck, Shodan opens the doors to shuttle control so I proceed.

As I head up a rambler charges but he is no match, for I have the power of my gaze! I then proceed to beat the crap out of him and continue on my merry way.

I get near the shuttle bays and hack this turret while the security systems are offline. I head for the dead body I see in the distance.

As I get near the body I spot a camera and an egg on the wall. There's also a droid patrolling in the corridor behind me. Remember I said there was a great prize to be found on this level? Well, this is it! On the body is a pistol in perfect condition! What? Not impressed, huh? What if I tell you this pistol has no recoil and will never degrade or break! That's right, baby!

Why not try your new toy on the droid nearby and see how it feels to finally be able to use a pistol that won't break! Aren't you glad you kept those 300+ standard bullets? After destroying the droid I take the gravshaft up.

Once up I see an egg and a replicator. Do not hack the replicator until instructed to as it has been reported to break the game in some rare instances! Instead exit through the door to your right.

First I note the French-Epstein device near the window. Next, I use the console to my left to deactivate the shield of the first shuttle. You can then simply shoot the shuttle from the window. Once that's done, get back to the gravshaft.

In the next room a midwife has destroyed the console and you must now hack the replicator to get a resonator. From the body I get a version 3 hacking software. After hacking the replicator, I head down to the shuttle bay.

I then drag the resonator from my inventory to the shield generator and take cover. The explosion has blown up the door behind the shuttle and when I head there Shodan tells me not to enter. Like that's going to happen...

As I approach a midwife attacks me. I freeze her in place and proceed, carefully. To my right is a body with a puny normal pistol and 12 standard bullets. Right above me is another she-borg, pacing.

Did you do something to your hair, dear? On this body which, I believe to be Delacroix, I find a log, a psi hypo and 10 cyber modules Shodan will take back once I exit this room. To my right is a crate with an anti-radiation hypo. Since there's nothing upstairs, I leave.

On my way to the next cargo bay, three shotgun hybrids appear and attack. Beware the midwife and three turrets. In a small crate I find a speed booster and an anti-toxin hypo. In a normal crate at the right end of a room I find an auto repair unit and a repair software version 3. On the other side I hack a security crate for a version 3 research software, then I take the gravshaft up. In a security crate I find an anti-radiation hypo, 42 nanites and 6 rifled slugs. In a corner, next to a trail of blood I find a body with 6 bullets and 6 rifled slugs.

When you're ready for some backtracking head for the tram and go to the umbilical, shown on the map above. Oh surprise, we can't leave yet as Korenchkin blocks the way with a force-field. He asks me to meet him on the command deck to talk. Since that doesn't sound like a trap -at all- I eagerly accept! As I leave I take a med kit, an anti-toxin hypo and 12 armor piercing bullets from the body.

Funny, I pictured him differently. His accent probably. I rush past him and take the gravshaft up. Once upstairs I find the psi reaver (inset) and destroy it. I grab the log and head down to duke it out with that floater. Once he is dead, I pick up the unresearched item and head back for the tram. Finally! As I arrive near the shafts, Shodan gives me 30 cyber modules. I pick up the log from Norris, hit the surgical unit and get on the gravshaft.