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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Rickenbacker - Pod 2

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Climb on the missile and as you make your way to the ladder psi-pull the 34 nanites from the opposite walkway. Climbing the ladder scores me 20 cyber modules as a cyborg moves about. I hack this security station and go through the door.

I turn left and climb up the ladder. The security crate has quite some loot; two maintenance tools, 20 prisms, a small beaker, a psi hypo and a battery. I quickly move to the other side past a camera.

I grab the psi hypo, almost hidden in the water, and head through the doorway. Don't rush in the corridor ahead or you'll miss the 5 cyber modules under the floor (inset) in front of the security computer.

Moving along I come to this room, and judging by the feet I see in the distance I would say some hybrids are waiting for me. I tiptoe my way through the door in front of me. I press the button on the console which launches some missiles (inset).

I head back and prepare to deal with the hybrids, three of them, and go through the door ahead.

I'm getting closer to Pod 2. Nothing to see here, so I go through the door ahead and follow the corridor. Be careful of the camera around the next corner (inset).

I go through the door and start climbing the ladder as I hear a rumbler close by. There's a small room I can reach by jumping on the pipe and going through the window. In the room I snatch 5 cyber modules. Up the ladder I find a medkit behind the pipes to my right (inset).

Invisibility is turning out to be quite invaluable as I head left. The dead body has no loot, so I grab the psi hypo, head through the door and hypnotize the rumbler.

The last of the eggs, finally! Destroying it gets me 16 cyber modules. The security crate contains 12 rifled slugs, a psi hypo and some grenades. Behind me are stat and tech upgrade stations, which I use and then enter the elevator.

I had to do a bit of jumping, but I finally managed to exit the elevator. Everything is upside down here as I reversed the gravity earlier. Neat! I look around and grab the 24 nanites from under the beam I'm on (inset) before moving forward.

This seems to be the control room to the second meson accelerator and the noise it makes is deafening. I pick the maintenance tool from the floor... well... I mean ceiling, and search the body for 24 nanites. Mind the laser turret in the corridor ahead. I grab the 24 nanites next to it and proceed to the chapel.

As I enter the chapel an assault droid appears out of nowhere. I place an energy wall to prevent it from moving further for a bit. There are three cyborgs in here, one to my left and two to my right. The dead body has a version 3 modification software and two med hypos. I use the restructure psi ability on one of the cyborgs and can easily dispatch the remaining one.

Some good stuff here. A log from Polito, 6 anti-personnel bullets, 4 cyber modules and an assault rifle in good condition. There's also a version 3 repairing software on the right side of the room. The droid is now free from my restraint and I have to deal with him as he is blocking the exit...

I leave the chapel and follow the corridor. A bit of skillful jumping is required here. You see that beaker down there? Next to it, highlighted, are 6 cyber modules carefully hidden under a pipe.

In the corridor on the other side is a turret, so I use invisibility and take a peek. Next to the dead body are 6 armor piercing bullets while the dead himself has yet another crystal shard and an unresearched armor. I grab it all and move forward, past the turret and up the ladder.

I arrive at what appears to be a sickbay. There's one of those Stealth Spiders (highlighted) in front of me, and also one behind. The dead body has a suit of heavy armor and 24 nanites. I head for the ladder and climb up. This is a perfect place to get rid of the spiders. Or I can simply move past them. So many choices...

Once up on the ceiling of the sickbay (weird) I can see two more spiders waiting for me (highlighted) and the body of poor captain Diego. I get rid of the spiders, grab the log and pick the access card from the body. This card will get us into Diego's quarter. Don't forget to grab the hard to see unresearched implant next to the body and the medkit and maintenance tool behind the spiders. There's also a large beaker behind the left pillar, shown by the arrow.

As I arrive near another elevator, I'm surprised the egg on the wall didn't hatch. I destroy it, grab an anti toxin hypo from the floor and another from the dead body. As I get near the elevator door Shodan rewards me with 15 more modules while I notice way too many eggs near the floor (inset). To the left is an anti toxin hypo on the floor and I find a psi organ in the egg on my right.

As I exit the elevator Shodan speaks to me some more. Nearing the middle of the room unleashes flies, so I run around in circles with my arms in the air crying out loud. After making a complete fool of myself for some time, I open the door and peek around the corner.

Welcome to rumbler land! This is just one of the 4 in this area! There are also some spiders running about. First I use this last OS upgrade machine and open the door right behind me. In that room is a spider, an egg and a body with 12 anti-personnel shells and a maintenance tool. I then head toward the rumbler and jump on the ledge pointed to by the arrow. This is a great place to get rid of the nasties as they can't get to me (inset)! Using Restructure on the rumblers is a great way to get rid of them all without firing a single offensive shot. And it's also great fun to see them fight each other!

Once the festivities end, I head for the bridge where I grab 24 nanites and leave through the door to the right. I make my way toward Diego's quarters and grab the grenades and beakers on my way (inset). There's also a broken replicator out of view to my right and some more nanites hidden in the room in front of it.

Diego's quarters are a mess... As I enter some worms appear. I deal with them and enter. Grabbing the weapon gets me 20 more modules. Next, I take 24 nanites from the bed. BTW, is it just me or have all nanites on the last few levels been piles of 24? Anyway, I exit and head toward the upgrade stations for some last minute tweaks.

Right then, this is it! I head toward the escape pod picking up, again, 24 nanites and head down the ladder. After dealing with two spiders I search the body and find 24 anti personnel bullets and a maintenance tool. I then continue and enter the escape pod. Once I eject the pod there's no coming back! Worth noting is that if I wanted I could head back all the way to the Van Braun! But this time when I leave I can't ever come back... Kinda!