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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Where Am I?

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I emerge back in the Rickenbacker and prefer not to think about what passage I had to go through to get back here! I learn that Shodan was just using me as a puppet! Oh surprise, she's the bad guy! I start moving around to check things out. Aside from the upgrade stations there's not much to see here, so I head through the only door. Wow, a log from Delacroix! How unexpected. I grab it and head toward the corridor ahead. I can feel some retro-style gaming coming up!

I can hear cyborgs and can't get Tron out of my head as I check out this level. To get to the log you need to get close to the exit and climb left, as shown by the arrow.

I move forward. Anyone that played the original System Shock will remember this area as your starting location in Citadel Station! I move past the cyborg, grab the med hypo to my right and head down as I'm overcome with nostalgia.

The next room has a surgical bed as some blue data fragments pass by. I follow them and turn left and up the ramp.

This crate has a psi hypo and while I don't need more supplies a recharge is always welcome. Once that's done I head down the ramp and head left after getting the medkit, under the ramp, right below where I'm standing in this screenshot. So far this level is an exact replica of the original level in the first game!

In this large corridor I first investigate the red room to my left. There I find health, psi and speed hypos. The room to my right is empty so I turn right and move forward.

There are several cyborgs patrolling and I move around them easily in my permanent invisible state. A medkit is in the medical bay to my left while another speed hypo is in the far left alcove. I head forward and turn right.

There's really not much to see so I move around a bit and arrive at this location. I grab the log and head trough.

I carefully jump down the blocks until I come to this opening. My uber brain twitches some more and I know that the final battle is at hand. I jump through.

This final log from Delacroix warns me of the consequences of loosing the fight. I jump down as Shodan spits-out some more propaganda for her cause.

Invisibility is useless here as Shodan both fires at me from this MCP lookalike construct and chases me in physical form. What works very well however are energy walls I can use to trap her and stop her blasts completely!

Once I'm free to move about I can hack these stations to lower Shodan's shields.

With the shields gone I can take down that big-faced AI once and for all. I decide to end her life with the lowliest weapon I have, a good ol' cryo blast!

Shodan's dead! I can enjoy the end game movie knowing I saved the universe, once again. I hope you enjoyed this game and I also hope that this walkthrough helped you! Game on!