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System Shock 2 Walkthrough Body of the Many

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We've plunged, literally, in the belly of the beast! This is one of the last levels so if you've been piling up ammo, hypos and other resources like I was it's time to let it all out and wreak havoc! If you're a pacifist on the other hand, you might want to use those psi hypos, psi organs and your other abilities to their fullest! Just keep something in reserve for the last level. As I regain my senses I head out and come to a dead end, or is it? This is a membrane I can break to get through. I grab the log from Prefontaine (I told you we were gonna hear from him again!), break the membrane and head through.

As I cross the membrane a spider attacks and I'm pretty grossed-out by the internals of The Many. Ok, I admit you have to be in a 1999 kind of mood to appreciate the environment, but it's still gross. The dead body ahead has a psi hypo and a heavy armor and another crystal shard is next to it. I'll come back to the left passage in a bit, for now I'll turn right next to the body.

Part of the ship is embedded in The Many here. There are eggs inside and if you are very careful you can get in without hatching any of them as you can see in the inset picture. In the dead body I grab 20 prisms plus 71 nanites. The second body here is trapped with an endless supply of flies but 10 cyber modules and an anti radiation hypo can be found on it. There's also a (very hard to hack) security crate here containing 53 nanites plus anti radiation and anti toxin hypos.

I exit this area and move straight ahead to enter the passage I skipped before. I destroy the membrane to reveal a reaver. I destroy its control organism (1) and then kill the reaver (2). Doing a bit of swimming I find 10 cyber modules in a body bag, some grenades and both an anti toxin and radiation hypos on the floater. Looking up I see a nerve cluster and shoot it (inset).

I leave through another membrane (at the other end of the flooded area) and follow the passage. I turn and come face to face with a rumbler, which I had no choice but to dispose of. I turn left into the opening and grab another log from Prefontaine.

I continue a bit and find a third log from Prefontaine and a dead body which I loot for a psi hypo and 12 worm clusters. I turn left into another embedded part of the ship.

This room is pretty hard to navigate. If you get stuck try to jump your way around. I grab the maintenance tool and search the body for a version 3 research software plus a psi hypo. The security crate has 63 nanites and there are some chemicals on the floor. I head back out and continue left.

A bit further is another passage so I turn left and enter. This area will be pretty hard due to radiation so equip your best armor, summon your radiation shield ability and keep your rad hypos handy!

In this first room there's a medkit completely at the bottom, an auto-repair unit and an anti toxin hypo in the desk, a wormskin armor, a wormblood implant and 12 anti-personnel bullets. I leave through an opening at the far end and turn left at the next intersection.

The body to my left has a crystal shard while the one at the far end of the room has another wormblood implant. Next to it is a medkit. Looking up I see an opening (1) and swim there at once! Out of the water I break the membrane to reveal a body (inset)! On it I find an anti toxin hypo, some grenades and 73 nanites. After I powdered my nose I plunge back in and continue through the opening to my left (2).

The room I end up with looks like a dead end but it's not. I move to the end and find a narrow passage to my right, shown by the arrow.

I finally find the reason for swimming in this unknown, water-like substance; a nerve cluster! I blow it up and search the bodies for 10 cyber modules, 36 worm clusters and a proliferator. Time to head back; I saw all I had to here.

I get back to the main passage and continue up to a membrane. I break it and find a spider and a rumbler patrolling. I can also hear a midwife. I turn left and head toward the wall. Next to the wall I find an improvised shelter (left inset). The body has 57 nanites and a psi booster hypo. A bit further I find an opening to my left and another dead body (right inset). I take 6 cyber modules and 12 standard bullets from the body and enter the opening.

I entered the new passage way too fast and entered eggland! Four eggs hatched as I rushed in and flies came out from all of them! But once again I evade the flies by running around and crying loudly like a little girl!

It was worth it however, a chemical storeroom, a recharge station, a replicator, four upgrade stations and more loot! This first body has anti toxin and anti radiation hypos while I find 6 anti personnel bullets and a medkit on the other one.

The main room has a replicator and a pile of worms. I turn left and enter this small office. The body here has an anti toxin hypo as well as 50 nanites while the security crate holds 67 nanites and 37 prisms. I use the recycler to get rid of whatever junk I have and buy as many anti personnel bullets I can afford. Once I spent all my modules in the upgrade stations I head back, the world is still in need of saving!

I turn left and follow the passage to this opening which has its inner door open. Once through I find another tome in the Prefontaine saga as well as a body with health and psi hypos (inset). A midwife and spider patrol here too.

In this next area I find 67 nanites on the floating body plus a psi booster, 20 prisms, some grenades and a disposable maintenance tool. I grab the log (right next my crosshair) and move toward the midwife. Next to the midwife is a body which yields 5 cyber modules and 12 standard bullets. A spider joins the fun as I rush past it.

Who is in the mood for some retro-shooter jumping? I sure am! First, if you jump down you can find a room (inset) with a dead body holding 10 cyber modules and 53 nanites. I'm not sure if it's worth it at this point in the game however. Next, we have to blow up another nerve cluster so we can exit through the pseudo door to the left. Here's how you can do it real quick-like. 1) jump on the tooth. 2) quickly jump on the ladder. 3) blow up the nerve cluster. 4) jump back on the tooth while it's on its way down. 5) jump on the other ladder. 6) carefully jump on the red vein and head through the now open door. It's not too hard but you might have to reload a couple of times.

On the other side of the door I find a dead body with a version 3 modification software and a maintenance tool. I breeze past the patrolling rumbler.

In the next room there's some heavy patrol. A rumbler up front, several spiders to the right and a midwife to the left. The table has a log from Prefontaine and the dead body under the metal plates to my right has some grenades and a psi hypo.

I head left where the midwife emerged from, what a mess! I first get rid of the eggs then search the table and find a large beaker and a log from Prefontaine. One of the bodies has 10 prisms, some grenades and 6 anti personnel bullets. In the trashcan I find 6 cyber modules and 47 nanites. The other body has a proliferator and 10 prisms. In one of the crates I finally find 9 grenades. Not a bad area overall.

I exit and head where the spiders came from (straight in from of me as I leave the room). This area has no other purpose than to provide last minute resources. What you see in this picture is an intersection going left and right. There are lots of spiders and eggs so be on your best behavior! To my right (inset) I find two bodies, one with a maintenance tool and a wormskin armor. The other has 10 cyber modules.

Turning left reveals another intersection. I turn left to find another body (inset) with an anti toxin hypo, 6 worm clusters and a psi hypo.

The right part of the intersection opens to a flooded area where I eventually find a membrane to break. As I move past it, I hear midwives and spiders move about. I skillfully move past them and find a room filled with eggs and bodies.

Note that you can turn left here and follow a corridor to another room. Given the textures for the walls it's hard to see and I almost missed it. I grab the large beaker and search the bodies. I find some grenades, an anti-toxin hypo and 10 cyber modules. As you probably noticed by now, I stopped mentioning those damnable crystal shards that are absolutely everywhere!

I leave this room to follow the corridor I just mentioned above. Searching the bodies I find 10 prisms, some grenades, 57 nanites, 12 worm clusters and another wormskin armor. I head back to the main room I came in and proceed to the corridor straight ahead (right behind the rumbler).

A stealth spider is in this room and a rumbler hides just outside the far doorway. Two logs from Prefontaine are in this room; one in the crate to the left the other under the makeshift tent. The body has a medkit and an anti toxin hypo.

head forward into the corridor and up to a membrane I break. I look down and thanks to my implant infused brain I know that once I jump I won't be able to climb back up. Ready? Get set... jump!

There are three floaters in the water. I find a total of 24 anti personnel bullets, a psi hypo and 20 prisms. Did I mention that those crystal shards are driving me utterly insane?

I make my way out of the water. Invisibility shields me from these two as I grab a log from Prefontaine near the empty corpse. I head through the doorway and make my way up.

Near a body containing some grenades I spot something on a high ledge (highlighted). I step on the bubbles (1) which jerk me up something fierce. After hitting my head a few times I end up on the ledge.

It seems some poor sod believed this ledge would make a good hiding place. Good for me, as I grab 6 anti-personnel bullets and 10 prisms from him. This ledge also makes a really nice place to target the rumblers and use restructure on them to easily get rid of a few.

I don't spend too much time on the rumblers as they just keep pouring out. Instead I head up and enter this room. The Many, I presume? This room might seem pretty hard, but it's really not if you have invisibility. What I first do is head right and destroy the two psi reaver brain structures there (inset). I do the same thing to the left side of the room. Once that is done I get rid of the floaters, but I don't spend too much time on the rumblers as they keep regenerating.

What is left is to destroy those stars, then take out the brain itself. Once I do The Many tells me I killed it!

What's left to do besides jumping into The Many itself? I don't know, but a word of caution: while you are drifting in the water, don't try to steer your way. It's possible to get stuck on some of the environment and not be able to proceed. You wouldn't want this to be your coffin, would ya now?