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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Spidey to the Rescue

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Start off by eliminating the higher guard with stealth attacks. First the ones on the left, finishing off the others normally if they notice you. With the guards above taken care of, their companions below should pose too much of a threat.

Defeat them and afterwards use the computer inside the small room on the left.

That way you will unlock the door leading to the bigger room, in which the decontamination process will begin.

Firstly you need to use the computer on the other side and destroy all the turrets.

That way you will unlock access to four rooms. Unfortunately barriers will regenerate each time an enemy sees you.

Your objective is defeating the enemies found in each wing and afterwards destroying the generator they're protecting. The machines are always found on the highest floor of a room.

When the last one is destroyed, a big platform will appear in the middle.

Head inside and quickly grab a wall. Each time you land on the ground, the floor and ceiling will be electrified.

Your mission is destroying the four generators standing near each other. Right after you land by one of them, mash X and afterwards run to a safe spot by pressing LB.

Keep repeating this until all the machines are destroyed and a passage leading to the lower level will be created.

A group of guards awaits you there, you can eliminate them silently or by using spider web.

With the last enemy taken care of, head inside the first room on the left. The broken window will let you go even lower.

Below, you will have to fight a big group of enemies with shields.

It's easiest to eliminate them by using the tanks by the walls (RB). When the enemies are stunned, stick them to the ground with web (B).

After eliminating the last guard, the door to a new room will open.

Head inside, go through the hole between the red lasers and grab the wall below.

You will then have to turn around and very quickly get rid of the two towers behind your back.

With both of them destroyed, follow the blue cable to the end of the tunnel while avoiding any fights. There you will find a generator protected by two guards. Eliminate them silently and afterwards destroy the device.

In order to find the second generator, you need to head to the opposite end of the tunnel and get onto the upper floor of the lab.

After you destroy the machine, the nearby door will open.

Go through it and use the computer.

Turrets will appear and you will have to destroy them. Start with the one further to the right.

The further road leads through a hole in the laser wall.

From there jump to the second one, while being sure not to get hit.

A bit further your road will be blocked by a large turbine. Stop it with web and destroy the two turrets on the other side.

The narrow corridor will lead you to another big platform with four generators. This time, apart from an electrified floor, turrets will also appear on the walls.

After you destroy another generator, quickly return onto the wall and destroy the shooting machines.

With the last machine destroyed, you will be moved to the location with the imprisoned scientists.

The corridor around the room is full of enemies. Pass above their heads and find the computer which opens the door. When you see it, stun the guards beside and use it.

On the other side you will have to fight some robots. Destroy their shields with web and throw into a wall by holding down B. If you run low on life, use LB and afterwards quickly jump between walls. That way you will lose them and regenerate a part of your life.

When the fight is over, leave the room and enter the high shaft.

t will lead you to a small room from which you will be able to head into another tunnel.

Climbing up, you will reach a corridor with lots of plants.

Gwen can be found a bit further.

After a short cinematic, head to the spot marked on the map. The fight with the Scorpion will begin.

In order to defeat him, perform quick Web Rushes at the enemy, punch 2-3 times and then return onto one of the lamp posts.

Repeat this process until the enemy jumps to the side and starts shooting acid projectiles. Once again use Web Rush to dodge them, flying above or below them. When Scorpion stops spitting acid, press RB and aim at the enemy.

That's how the whole fight should look like. After a dozen or so hits, the enemy will finally fall.

In order to finish the mission, return to the apartment and speak with the professor.