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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Smythe Strikes Back - p. 2

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"After you reach a room with a big tank in the middle, jump to the door on the right. Gwen will open them soon, but first you will have to destroy the incoming robots. Do it by using Web Rush and throwing them (hold down B).

That way you will reach a corridor with more machines.

Destroy them quickly with the well known tactic and afterwards get rid of the turret by the ceiling. It's best to wait for it to activate and fly to the other side. Standing behind it, you will have lots of time to perform a Web Rush.

A bit further you will come across two more similar robots.

After destroying them, you will reach a room with mad scientists.

Eliminate them stealthy, jumping from the ceiling or walls.

After you stun the last enemy, guards will start shooting at you from above. Eliminate them one at a time by using Web Rush.

Move onwards after the fight, jumping through a hole in the barricade.

Eventually you will have to face the Scorpion.

The enemy has a few types of attacks, but the tactic for defeating him is rather easy. Start off by sticking to the nearest wall (LB), do a Web Rush (RB) and punch the creature two or three times.

After you're done, return to the wall (LB). The creature will then use one o fits attacks and you will be able to use Web Rush once again. Repeat the attack until the beast is defeated.

After the fight, run onwards and go through the hole in the right corner of the room.

That way you will get outside, where you will have to fight a giant robot.

In the first phase of the fight you need to mainly focus on avoiding the laser shot by the machine. As soon as you see a red beam focusing on you, quickly press LB to automatically dodge the attack.

After you dodge, keep shooting web (B) at the blue turbine on the enemy's body.

When you manage to block it, the enemy will run underground, only to attack quickly right afterwards. Dodge by pressing Y when prompted.

You will then enter slow-motion and will have a couple second to do a Web Rush at the red element.

Repeat these types of attacks until a helicopter appear. In order to save the reporter, you need to use Web Rush on the machine's head. That way you will begin the second stage of the fight.

Standing on the roof, you need to avoid the tentacles shot at you. To do that, keep running sideways and dodge whenever one of them spreads.

Between dodging, mash B to block the robot's eyes. Also remember not to get too close to the edge of the roof, as you would get hit pretty badly

With one of the eyes completely blocked, follow the commands appearing on the screen. Firstly press Y, then RB and in the end mash B.

After receiving the first hit, the robot will change its attack type. Instead of maces, he will start using a powerful laser which you have to jump over (A).

Just like before, keep attacking the enemy with spider web and afterwards follow the commands on the screen.

After the second hits, the machine will start alternating between using maces and the laser, this time attacking much faster as well. Focus mainly on dodging its attacks, shooting web from time to time. Landing a third hit will almost end the battle.

The last thing you will have to do is use Web Rush on the antenna in front of you and afterwards mash B.

After the best falls, return to the apartment to speak with the doctor.

He will give you a medicine which you need to take to the OSCORP lab. Before you do that however, destroy the antenna blocking the phone.

To do that, climb a high building and find the red beam.

The area will be protected by a few robots.

Defeat them and afterwards destroy the machine. Now you can head to the lab and begin the next mission.