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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough The Thrill of the Hunt - p. 2

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"You need to get to the other side and land on the red pipe.

Finish them off one at a time when only they are left alone and afterwards quickly return to a safe spot above (LB).

Turn right at the end of the tunnel and keep going onwards. That way you will reach another corridor with pipes. Silently eliminate the enemies there as well.

When you're done, approach the high waterfall where you will have a short meeting with a beast.

You need to follow it to its lair, where the fight will begin.

The enemy's basic ability is a charge attack. Run way from him each time he lands on the ground and afterwards quickly dodge sideways.

After a successful dodge, approach the enemy and hit him 2-3 times. The beast will then start waving its hands, which you can avoid by quickly pressing Y. With the series over, once again attack the creature.

Keep repeating this until the enemy runs away and robots show up instead.

Use web to defeat them. Mash B to take care of their covers and finish them off with normal attacks.

With the area clear, follow the mutant above.

Outside you will have to follow the rats along the street.

They will lead you to a sewer entrance, inside which the beast has hidden itself.

Follow it inside and afterwards jump down.

Inside the big room you need to create a web (Y) and find the right tunnel.

It's the one with a hole in the wall with a graffiti fragment.

Cross it to the end, defeating the fighting enemies on your way.

It's best to get rid of them from cover. Perform a fast Web Rush from the ceiling and afterwards head back up by pressing LB. The other enemies won't even notice you, busy with fighting others.

As you reach the end, jump through the hole above the door

That way you will return to the main room, where you need to create a web once again.

This time your instinct will lead you to a tunnel with a Cola poster inside.

Pass by it, jump down and follow the group of rats while eliminating enemies on your way. They will lead you to a narrow tunnel, at the end of which you will find the mutant.

Fighting him is the same as before, but this time you can't stay on the ground for too long as you will be attacked by large groups of rats. Use LB to escape and attack with Web Rush more often.

With the creature stunned, the next level will begin.