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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough To Smash the Spider

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"The mission will begin with a fight with a big robot.

In order to damage the enemy, follow him and shoot web all the time (B). You will slow it down this way.

When you will be close enough, you will be prompted to press RB. Spider-Man will then land on the robot and will be able to rip off a part of it. For that, mash X. Keep repeating this until the machine explodes.

After you're done with this one, two identical robots will appear. The fight will be a bit more difficult, but the overall tactic stays the same. Defeat both machines and afterwards head to the spot marked with a star.

Your objective is to attach transmitters to three OSCORP antennas.

To do that, just use Web Rush on the marked objects. The antennas are guarded by groups of robots, though you don't need to fight them. Just jump down after planting each transmitter and swing on your web.

When you're done, each side missions will become unlocked. They consist of taking marked civilians to field hospitals. In return for each saved man you will receive some experience points.

The main mission however is to deliver the obtained DNA sample to doctor Connors, who is waiting for you in the apartment.

Using it, the man will create a medicine which you will have to take to the OSCORP tower.

Land on the balcony in the upper part of the building.