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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough The Thrill of the Hunt - p. 1

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In order to continue with the main mission, head to the entrance marked with a start and press Y.

When you get inside, keep heading forward to a bigger hole. On the right you will see a valve, on which you can use Web Rush.

Repeat this move after a short cinematic and afterwards press RB to get to the other side. Quickly pass under the gate opened for a couple seconds.

A bit further you will come across a big pool of acid.

Jump above it and stand in the middle of the next room. Press Y to create a large spider-web.

You now have to move the camera between the consecutive tunnels. When the controller starts to vibrate, it will mean you're looking at the proper one (number 44).

Head inside it and afterwards defeat the enemy inside.

When the fight is over, you will be able to return to the centre of the sewer and use the web once again.

This time your instinct will lead you to corridor number 47.

Run to the end and go through the hole in the wall.

More enemies await you on the other side.

With all of them lying stunned on the ground, turn right and jump into the sewer.

Jump out on the other side and you will once again find yourself in the middle room.

This time the web will point to corridor 43.

Three mutants will attack you behind the wall on the right. Defeat them and jump over another wall.

There's a real army of beasts above you, so try not to get noticed.

Start off by grabbing the wall on the left and afterwards quickly swing to the other side of the room.

There will probably be one enemy there, who you can get rid of silently.

The further road leads through a hole in the nearby grate.

Head onwards and you will reach a spot where Spider-Man will contact with the journalist. Take a photo of the nearby barrels for her (remember about zooming) and afterwards jump down.

A bit further you will see a flooded tunnel. Use RB to turn the valve on the right and afterwards get to the other side as fast as possible.

The door will stay open only for a couple seconds, so remember about using Web Rush. Start off by jumping onto the pipe on the left, afterwards on the right and from there jump to the very end.

After landing, use the nearby ventilation shaft.

On the other side there's a short fight waiting for you (begin it with a Web Rush) and a bit further an acid-filled corridor.

Move above the toxic stain by sticking to the walls and take care of more enemies.

It's best to eliminate them from a cover.

With the area clear, approach the big pit.