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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Escape Impossible

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"As you finish talking with Connors, turn around and enter the ventilation shaft above the grate.

From there, jump onto the barrier on the left and keep heading forward until you reach a control panel.

Soon it will get destroyed by a careless guard. Your missions will be to save the personnel and stop the fugitives.

Start off by holding down Y to point the camera onto the hole in the ceiling. You can get there by holding down RB.

That way you will reach a room with prisoners. Jump down and defeat all the enemies. This time buttons will no longer appear, instead red/white lightning will shot up above Spidey's head right before he's about to get hit. Remember to use Y then.

When you finish the fight, jump onto the barrier on the right. Right beside there will be stairs leading to the upper floor.

There you will meet one of the hospital employees, attacked by a group of madmen. In order to save him, hold down RB and aim at the desk behind him. Spider-Man will use it to stun the enemies.

Stunned enemies can be quickly disarmed by pressing B.

Get rid of the others by using the nearby vending machine.

With the fight over, head onwards through the open grate. The second one will move after a short conversation.

Inside the next corridor you will be attacked by another group of psychos.

Defeat them all and use the lever on the right.

Afterwards quickly press RB and use Web Rush on the door on the other side. They will open only for a short time, so you need to be quick.

In order to move on, use the ventilation shaft found above.

The tunnel will lead you to another passage.

That way you will reach the toiler, with another enemy standing by the urinal. Defeat him quickly and afterwards get rid of the group of enemies inside the adjoining room.

Afterwards go behind the nearby barricade.

The corridor will lead you to a pile of burning furniture.

Jump over them (RT) and you will come across a running Felicia.

After the woman disappears, turn right and head through the hole on the left. Another fight awaits you there.

A bit further you will come across Connors.

Speak to him and afterwards head inside the ventilation shaft on the left.

It will lead you to a computer which will unlock a passage for your companion.

Run forward and you will reach a burning staircase.

Head to the very top using Web Rush and defeat the enemy by the window.

With him dead, do the same with the one on the other side of the square.

Having defeated him, jump down. You will need to fight a group of madmen.

With the first group lying unconsciousness on the ground, take care of the riflemen in the two further windows.

Only after eliminating them should you take care of the two others below and speak with Connor.

In the end you will have to take the man to your apartment. Just land on the roof of the marked building to end the mission.