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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Oscorp Is Your Friend

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"As you begin the game, you will automatically start following Gwen, capable of only turning the camera with the right analog stick.

Letting go of the button will rapidly move you to the marked spot. That way you will save you friend.

Holding her on her back, you need to run forward while successively passing through the opening doors. In order to jump, press A.

Behind the room with the windows hit by robots, turn left and pick up the Audio Evidence lying behind the door. Locations of the other ones have been described in the proper chapter of this guide.

A bit further you will reach a hole which you need to jump through. For that, hold down RT and control Spidey using the analog stick.

Behind the second hole you will be attacked by a group of spiders. Jump down and defeat them by alternating between pressing X (attack) and Y (dodge) at the right moments.

When the fight's over, you will be able to return to Gwen. Take her on your back again with Y and go through the door at the bottom right.

The corridor will lead you to a room with lasers. Use the nearby computer which will open the door and using the Web Rush, jump through the hole in the security system (upper left corner).

You need to aim at the open space so that a yellow Spider-Man image appears and afterwards hold down and let go of RB.

On the other side you will find a room with a big turbine. Stop it with web projectiles (press B quickly). Afterwards jump to the other side by using the Web Rush.

Proceed similarly with the second fan and use the nearby computer with the Web Rush. That way you will open the door behind the laser wall.

Quickly jump to the other side through the hole on the left and afterwards head into the ventilation shaft above the locked door (RB).

The tunnel will lead you to a room with robots. Start off by pressing LB to retreat onto a wall.

From there you will be able to shoot web at them (RB) and afterwards continue the fight normally. The more hits you can lay without being damaged, the more experience you will get.

Return for Gwen after the fight and back to the room where the fight took place. A bit further you will find a bed on which you need to place the woman.

After the short cinematic ends, you will gain access to a special cell phone. Activate it by pressing BACK.

Using it, you can increase your skills after gaining a new experience level and listen to the obtained recordings. Choose one of the improvements and afterwards exit with B. That way you will be moved outside.

Right before Peter hits the ground, press and hold down RT. That way you will start swinging between buildings using you spider web. You can also land and run along a building with the same button.

After listening to what Gwen has to say, check your phone (BACK). Your new target will be marked on the map. You can also read the received messages.

After reaching the target, a fight with a giant robot will start.

In order to defeat it, use Web Rush on the orange circle on its head.

That way you will destroy it and will be able to head onto the wall of the nearest building.

In the air, use Web Rush again to destroy two other targets on the sides of the machine.

Throughout the fight, the enemy will shoot rockets at you. Dodge them by pressing Y when a prompt appears on the screen. With three circles destroyed, you will need to take care of the fourth one at the back of the machine. Fly around it and end the first phase of the fight with a quick attack into the weak spot.

During the second part of the fight, your targets will be the enemy's eyes. Keep flying around the machine until it starts preparing a laser attack from its mouth. That's the right moment for using Web Rush.

Aim at its eyes and start quickly pressing X to attack.

While destroying the second eye, remember about dodging (Y).

In the third phase of the fight, blue turbines will appear on the robot's legs. You will have to destroy them with web.

Land on one of the nearby skyscrapers and shoot at them by quickly pressing B.

With the last leg destroyed, use Web Rush on the machine's head to end this stage.