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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough In the Shadow of Evils Past - p. 1

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"You will begin the third level inside Spider-Man's apartment. Here you can change your hero's suits, speak with Connor or repeat the already completed levels. In order to continue, jump through the window on the left.

Press Y and then RB to get onto the top. Spider-Man will automatically use the transmitter.

Repeat the same thing with the two other antennas and you will receive a message from the police radio. One of the mutants has been noticed in the southern part of town. Apart from that, less important criminals which you can catch will be also marked on the map with white fists on blue background. In return for saving civilians you will receive experience points.

In order to continue with the mission, head towards the white star icon to confront a Rhino enemy.

During the fight, run as far away from the enemy as possible and wait beside the SWAT car for him to charge.

When he does, dodge it by pressing Y at the right moment and afterwards attack him with Web Rush (RB) if he hits the car.

Keep repeating such attacks while avoiding the enemy's powerful hits and jump attacks. Just hit him a couple more times and the fight will end.

Your next target is the Oscorp Archives in the north. Get onto the roof of the marked building and use the ventilation shaft found there.

After getting inside, keep heading onwards and stop by the end of the shaft.

In order to perform a stealth attack, you need to press RB when you're invisible and nearby the enemy. That way you will stick him to the floor.

After stunning the enemy, turn right and afterwards grab the ceiling on the left.

That way you will be in a good position to eliminate the next guard.

With him taken care of, jump to the other side of the room and head left. There you also have to eliminate two enemies. One below and one on a higher platform.

Afterwards use Web Rush on the crate hanging by the ceiling.

That way you will unlock a ventilation shaft which you have to use.

The tunnel will lead you to an elevator with the shipment you're looking for.

Wait for the guards to exit, turn around and use another narrow passage.

At its end there will be two men who can be eliminated silently.

Do it and afterwards enter the ventilation shaft on the right.

On the other side you will see another narrow hole.

Head inside it and silence the man standing at its end.

The further road will take you to the right. Move along the walls or the ceiling to avoid getting involved in a fight.

The further road will take you to the right. Move along the walls or the ceiling to avoid getting involved in a fight.

While holding down Y, point the camera onto the crate handing from the ceiling. Move it using the Web Rush.

That way you will break the glass and unlock a further passage.

Quickly jump upstairs and use the tunnel on the right.

At its end you will meet with the famous reporter.

After a short conversation, you will be attacked by a guard with a shield.