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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Spider-Man No More! - p. 1

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After getting inside the lab, crawl forward towards the vent exit. There you will see a short cutscene. Head out of the room and silently eliminate all the robots above.

Your next targets are the turrets and machines found below.

They protect four generators which you have to destroy.

With the last one of them switched off, the door leading to the production line will be opened.

Go there and head to the other side, blocking hot steam with your web.

At the end you will be attacked by a big group of robots. Before attacking them, quickly shoot web at the passages they come from.

With the last one of them blocked, a platform with even more robots will arrive.

Try to shoot web at them and attack using Web Rush from the walls. Throwing them is by far the best attack (hold down B). Also be sure to use the objects lying around.

After clearing the area, stop the turbine on the platform and head to the other side.

There you will find a tall shaft which you need to follow to the bottom.

At the bottom there's a ventilation shaft. Head inside it, go to the end and listen to a conversation between two scientists.

Moving onwards you will reach a tunnel with steam. You need to avoid them, as they deal considerable damage. Quickly run to the other side when only they disappear.

Further tunnels will take you to doctor Connors' cell.

In order to free him, shoot web at incoming robots and then throw them into the nearby field generators (hold down B and aim with the analog stick).

Once you destroy it, a longer cinematic will start.

Afterwards you're in for a short fight with a large robot. You're no match for it right now, so just let it defeat you and you will land in a room with drones.

The machines won't react unless you step into their red lasers.

Avoid the beams and head to the stairs which will take you to a big room.

On the right you will find your phone and web-shooters.

Pick them up and afterwards approach the two levers on the sides of the large gate.

By pressing Y you will pull them and unlock a passage.