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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Spider-Man No More! - p. 2

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Keep running forward while jumping over pits and blocking steam coming out of the pipes. You need to be fast, so that the robots can't catch you. At some point you will reach a spot where the bridge is broken. Turn to the left then and use web on the vehicle below.

That way you will pull in a platform thanks to which you can jump to the other side.

Afterwards head left. At the end you will find another pit which you can cross with the help of a moving platform.

Move onwards and you will reach a spot where you will be attacked by drones. Quickly block them with web and enter the nearby corridor. The door will lock behind you and you will be safe for some time.

The further road leads through red lasers and turrets which react to them.

Run onwards, block the turrets with spider web and hide in the side rooms from time to time.

Your target is a warehouse filled with crates. Jump between them while avoiding laser beams and climb to the very top.

That way you will reach a room with a big generator.

Firstly use the nearby computer and afterwards go down and up the stairs on the other side.

There you will find a panel, using which you can move the reactor to the side.

Afterwards go back to the exit, using the second panel on your way (this time the machine will go down).

Use the computer for the last time and the reactor will destroy the wall, unlocking a new passage.

Get to the other side and towards the big broken window.

Jump into the room behind it and enter the corridor.

The further road goes right. Disable the turrets with web and eventually you should reach a warehouse with crates.

Jump up along them while avoiding lasers and stop the nearby spinning turbine.

Turn right behind it, avoiding another fan.

That way you will reach a walkway with a yellow barrier. Move onwards (don't stop!) and turn left behind the stairs.

When a piece of the construction gets destroyed, move along the red pipe.

At some point the camera will turn and a large robot arm will fall right beside you. Move towards the TV screen.

That way you will get outside and witness the cataclysm caused by the machines.

You need to head to the sewers, where the professor is waiting for you. The location of the lab will be marked on the map.