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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough If This Be My Destiny

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After you reach the sewers, turn right. After watching a longer cinematic you will be able to head to town and begin the mission. At first you will land inside a robot and your task will be to destroy its power supply. Keep mashing X.

A bit later you will have to fight a group of machines.

Defeat all the drones and Web Rush to the shining door which Lizard is trying to open.

Help him open them by mashing X.

After you manage to do it, Spider-Man will destroy the first of the large robot's two engines.

The second one can be blow up similarly. Once you do it, the next phase of the battle will begin.

This time you have to run around Smyth, shoot web at him and dodge the laser attacks. Most of them can be dodged by running sideways, but the crossing ones must be avoided by going towards the enemy. However don't get too close, as you will get hit by the force field surrounding the professor.

When the enemy starts blinking red, use Web Rush and destroy one of his arms.

You need to repeat this three times and the battle will come to an end.